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HOST is AGILE for the People

Elianne Oei, Independent Strategy Consultant

Welcome the Evolution of Leadership

Since 2012 HOST grows a global ecosystem joined by forward-thinking lifelong learning
consultants, leaders, educators, and organizations who are purpose-driven to humanize the workplace
by growing leadership on all levels to make-work-change and make-change-work.

A new refreshed look into working together,
not only as individuals but also as teams

Marc-Peter Pijper, Holacracy Expert, Transforming Finance at Viisi

We Collaborate with Early Adopters

Forward-thinking tech consultancy firms and training agencies, change consultants,
industry leaders and fast-changing organizations across the globe, who are purpose-driven
to humanize the way we work, learn, lead, educate, and run corporations.

Modern Change Leadership Solutions

The Four HOST Pillars & Products

The HOST2Transform Academy helps upskill, empower, and connect forward-thinking
consultants, leaders, managers, educators, and teams to drive lasting transformation
in digital and global work environments.

HOST inspires me to use the toolkit
in ways that suit me best

Rike van Hattem, Account Manager KLMI

For all your change programs

We involve people in their own learning journey and we make sure our change leadership education
is 100% tailored to their level, needs, and context. We help grow online and offline engagement working
with user-friendly community software (Slack), secure video software (Zoom), and the supportive
HOST Learning Platform for lifelong learning and help transform disconnected individuals 
and teams into thriving ecosystems.

Instead of letting participants 'perform a trick', I now
challenge them ‘to own’ their new skills and employ it
in their own unique way.

Coen Bavinck, Human Resource Expert at HRD Group.

The HOST Metrics

Together we unlock the potential within individuals, teams, and organizations
with ease and joy we measure-to-scale people, business, and societal impact.




Average cost burnout is
€ 60.000/ 242 days per employee.


Ongoing Innovation


Business life-cycles decreased from
75 to 15 years in the last 50 years.

Reflect to Transform icon

Global Citizenship


Average talent changes job every two years
and looks for meaningful work.

What I find most powerful is the connections it creates.
With connectivity everything is possible.

Annemieke de Bruin - Educational Design Consultant

Connect Beyond Boundaries

HOST to Transform leaders, teams, organizations,
and societies today!

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