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Transforming people to transform
business, and societies.

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Amsterdam | Humanising Leadership and Business to Make Change Work

HOST introduces world's first "springboard", open framework, designtoolkit, and global business ecosystem, to grow "change" leadership on all levels to drive human-centered transformation and scale people, business, and societal impact.

We believe that in times of systemic change it's our responsibility to be responsive to the emerging needs of fast-changing organisations in a complex, globalising and digital world. To humanise the traditional leadership development and change consultancy "industry" to make-work-change and make-change-work. With ease, joy, and hands-on measurable outcome. Are you in?

Experience HOST for free*

What does it mean to apply HOST in your daily work being a forward-thinking leader, manager, "change" and L&D professional**, HR development team, consutlancy firms or change agencies eager to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, and organisations with ease, joy, and scalable people, business, and societal impact.

To be equipped to unlock leadership and truly help leaders, teams, and organisations transform, lead, and thrive in today’s fast-changing and digital work environments.


HOST enables you to create the human conditions for "change" to work and unlock the potential within your work environment with ease, joy, and scalable impact.

Open framework to make transformation work.
The HOST open change framework provides you with transformative, flexible, and personalised practices, skills, and intervenion designs that are easy to apply and provides you the confidence to grow mindsets, behaviours, and cultures that contribute to mental wellbeing, ongoing innovation, and intercultural collaboration.

Reinventing KPI's
Through the Global HOST measure-to-scale-impact tool we are equipped to harvest quantitative and qualitative data: hands-on research-based data that proves our work contributes to the above mentioned and renewed "KPI's". We measure to scale (mental) wellbeing, ongoing innovation, and intercultural collaboration to drive transformation.

For whom?

** Forward-thinking "Change" consultants, leadership-, organisational, learning and development professionals purpose-driven to unlock the potential within fast changing and digital work environment. Examples of HOST practitioners are; change agencies and consultancy firms, HR teams, consultants, (agile and scrum) coaches, trainers, facilitators, human intervention designers, (interim) managers, innovators, and executives.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that:

  • Burn-out rates are rapidly increasing and have been called upon as a global epidemic;

  • Business life-cycle are decreasing exponentially that doesn’t leave companies with any other choice than to continuously innovate to survive;

  • The influx of globalisation and digitalisation enables people to work across the globe which requires smart ways and skills to collaborate, communicate, stay creative and critical in your thinking by having ongoing feedback loops to align.

    This demand for new ways in how we work, lead, and upskill ourselves. By adopting new awareness, mindsets and collaboration skills in order to transform, lead, and thrive in an environment of rapid change.

    To continuously train people's agility and resilience and move beyond “annual team building”, traditional change models, and tricks, and make mental wellbeing, ongoing innovation, and intercultural collaboration an integral part of people's, teams, and organisations day-to-day work.

Practical information

The Demo takes 3 hours, from 18.45 - 22.15,
and is provided by two HOST certified practitioners.

Pre session:
Prep work “Smart failure in a fast changing world” (flipping the classroom style)

During session:
18:45 PM Walk In Coffee & Tea
19.15 PM - 21.30 PM HOST Demo
21.30 PM - 22.15 PM Drinks & Bites

Early-bird offer to join the HOST program Post session:
HOST Global measure-to-scale-impact tool (flipping the classroom style).
Access to HOST practices and skills to apply in your work environment.

What we’ll be experiencing

“Act yourself into new ways of thinking” is our motto when we have new members experiencing HOST. We take a multi-disciplinary lens in designing human-interaction that connects people with themselves and others, that makes people feel safe and trusted, to create the human conditions to make change work.

Learn the basics about the essence of a supportive mindset and work environment to create by Human energy, Openness to engage, and Shared resources that leads to personal, professional, and business Transformation.

Check the slider below to get an understanding of how we unlock a universal human mechanism to connect with ourselves (mindset), each other (behaviour), and our environment (culture).

HOST slider?

  • Making the LeaderShift Happen

  • HOST Toolkit

  • Connect

  • Connect best of all worlds

  • Agile

  • Innovation spiral

  • Existing frameworks

  • Systemic impact

  • HOST KPI’s

We are always happy to provide HOST Demo’s in progressive cities who are the frontiers of tech, design, innovation, wellbeing, and business.

At the moment we’re running HOST Demo sessions in:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • New York City, USA

  • San Francisco, USA

Contact us to explore if HOST sessions or Demo’s can be hosted in i.e. your venue, company, or (work) space!


* We charge a minimal fee to cover the costs on venue, drinks and bites.

New York City

Online Global HOST Certification & Coaching

Contemporary, blended, personalised, and flexible certification programs for forward-thinking executives, (informal) leaders, managers, L&D professionals and teams to grow human-centered leadership and business to make change work.

HOST DesignToolkit and Foundation

Lifetime access to online, transformative, personalised, flexible, and future-proof
leadership and development education to make change work.

Unlock the potential within individuals, teams, organisations with ease, joy and measurable and scalable people, business, societal impact.

NEW! HOST DesignToolkit and
Master Certification
for experienced i.e. leadership-, organisational-, learning and development professionals purpose-driven to truly help leaders, teams, and organisations transform into the new and seize new career or business opportunities.

Bonus Two-day training & coaching Amsterdam with Jessica and the team.

HOST Certification for leaders.

Transformational coaching, facilitation, and consultancy practices for forward-thinking (informal) leaders; i.e. managers, product owners, innovators,
and team leads of fast-changing organisations.

Eager to unlock the potential within individuals, global teams, and organisations to transform, lead, and thrive into new markets.

HOST Certification for senior executives, i.e. VP’s, C-suite, and co founders. Personal and/or team coaching on (re)designing your future-proof scaling business, unlocking your personals, professional, and business leadership potential and growing your impact being your best self.

HOST Certification for Organisations

Grow human-centered leadership to drive transformational change throughout your organisation to make change work.

Equip your (informal) leaders to help transform your organisation in fast-changing, challenging, and global work environments.

Host license for Change Agencies

Access the HOST DesignToolkit,
and ready-made white label designs to develop your trainings faster and more effectively.

Optional partner-up with HOST
and seize win-win-win-win business opportunities growing human-centered leadership on all levels to help teams and organisations transform, lead, and thrive into the new.

Online Signature Programs

We offer blended human-centered leadership and business programs that help your organisation transform, lead and thrive into to the new.

Unique program for forward-thinking (informal) leaders eager to grow a culture for human-centered leadership, innovation and transformation on all levels.

Bring in your transformational case.

Adopt the latest innovations to attract and retain A-team members, apply 4.0 business strategies and models while engaging and aligning with key-stakeholders.

Transform, lead and thrive in new markets to create tomorrow’s future.

Self-leadership is key to make anything work. Get professional guidance to reinvent yourself and create the purpose-driven work life that unlocks your potential and makes you thrive.

Illuminate and live in alignment with your transformational purpose and never ‘work’ again!

Create a culture of shared leading, learning and development through human- centered digital communications that grow authentic human connections and networks.

Experiences by HOST consultants, leaders & clients

Play Video

User Experience H.O.S.T Toolkit

Play Video

Reinventing Education

Play Video

Organisational Development

Play Video

Business Community & Ecosystem Development

Play Video

Leadership Development

Play Video

Behavioural Change

Play Video

Social Empowerment

Play Video

Rocket Scientist's purpose to unlock human-centered leadership (interview)

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A Brilliant set of Exercises with a Simple Message: "Connecting People"

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Connective Network Session | Marijn Mexico City | Host2Transform

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Highlights Host2Transform Case Stories | Scaling People-Business-Societal Impact


What I love about providing H2T sessions is the spontaneous way participants take on
a positive attitude which makes them more flexible and supporting to their team.

Adda van Zanden

10+ years experience as a corporate trainer, neuro-brain facilitator,
executive coach, global speaker and speakers coach.
Transforming organisational culture.
Certified HOST CMaster.

Instead of letting participants 'perform a trick', I now challenge them to 'own' their new skill
and employ it in their own unique way.

Coen Bavinck

Human Resource Expert at consultant agency HRD Group.
Transforming human resource management.
HOST Practitioner.

Experiencing HOST has been a true revelation. HOST provides me with tools to establish
sustainable and trusted teams from cross-disciplinary group of professionals.

Dick Rüger

Executive, Leadership, Agile Coach, and facilitator.
Transforming leadership.
Certified HOST Master.

It was not a lecturing ‘let’s-sit-and-talk’ kind of style. HOST created a lot of humility, an
environment where people could actually be themselves.

Salwan Renno

VP EMEA at DigiValet Inc.
Transforming the hospitality industry.
Certified HOST for leaders.

Never in my life I have experienced that you can go into the depth of your working experience and feelings within hardly 2 hours.

Eduard van Zuijlen

Economist, philosopher, mayor, executive coach
Transforming business and societies
Certified HOST for leaders.