“The thing that motivates people more than anything else is recognition” – Anthony Howard”

This week I speak with global CEO Whisperer, Anthony Howard, author of the book Humanise: Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century; a guide for those who want to apply moral leadership in business, government, and society to change the world.

In this talk we cover a lot of ground; how human-centric leadership will shape the leaders of tomorrow, the key abilities to become a human-centered leader, power questions that trigger a new way of thinking, and how organizational structures can alienate people from their life and soul. 

Anthony is CEO at the Confidere Group: that serve mentors to influential leaders, he is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy and authentic leadership, and lives with his family on a farm in the countryside of Australia. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Show notes

[02:03] Introduction

[04:08] I ask Anthony about his job and what he does

[04:56] Anthony talks about finishing school and getting a job on a ship in Japan

[06:46] “Work should not be a place of abuse. It should not be a place to take advantage of people. [Work] should be a place where we care for each other so we can get stuff done.”

[12:09] I ask Anthony about the fundamentals of human-centered leadership

[12:14] “…it means putting people first”

[13:28] Anthony dives deep into moral leadership

[14:07] I ask Anthony his thoughts on systemic leadership

[16:37] I wanted to know about keeping your theories easy to digest, and Anthony had a great answer

[17:49] Anthony talks about how interconnected our world is becoming

[20:11] Anthony goes in detail about ways to unpack information

[21:16] We discuss why global citizens should be systemic thinkers

[24:06] I ask about what you can do as employees to try and change the work culture and be leaders

[27:36] “We need men and women at every level in organization and society to say it stops with me”

[29:26] Anthony talks about what to do when your bosses don’t want change

[30:48] “We can only get results through people”

[32:03] Anthony shares why he loves the John Lewis model

[33:30] “The thing that motivates people more than anything else is recognition”

[35:14] Anthony shares a story he heard about hiring flight attendants

[37:01] I ask Anthony about power of the question

[38:12] “Listen from your gut, not your head”

[43:35] Anthony talks about the power of self-awareness

[49:32] “I’m in a relationship, therefore I am”

[50:41] Weekly wisdom

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