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Real people. Real impact. Real results.
What HOST practitioners say:

Tap into future-ready skills seasoned networks career opportunities business opportunities

Three key reasons why change professionals
apply for HOST Premium.

Three key reasons why change professionals apply for HOST Premium.


Move beyond the trends
Access complementary
skills, practice, designs,
and strategies to freely
incorporate in your
(remote) services
and portfolio.


No need to worry alone
Become a part of a collective
exchange of inspiration: a
supportive, seasoned, and diverse
global community of like
minded tranformers.


Prepare to lead in a VUCA world.
Grow with us and seize
meaningful career, business, and partnership opportunites to scale your transformational impact.

One Platform - 7 HOST Solutions

With HOST Premium you get full access to the HOST Platform, the 7 HOST Solutions
introduced to you below. Set yourself up to learn in different ways to grow and transform.

1. HOST License

Together, we scale your transformational impact

After obtaining the HOST practitioners certification,
you’ve experienced first hand how HOST leverages your
transformational impact.

Based on an application, demonstrated 4.5-star impact,
and a partnership agreement, we enable you to deliver the
best value for organizations and clients, leveraged by
the HOST Platform.

“I want to be able to provide the best service to my clients and that includes the HOST cutting-edge virtual platform that is in line with my values. What I have to offer is one piece of a much larger service or program in meeting the needs of organizations and individuals.”

Kendra Prescott - Licensed Counselor,
Leadership Consultant at Fortune-500 companies.

2. HOST Academy

Infinite change and leadership innovation

Learn new and different ways to transform and grow. Integrate validated future-ready skills, practices, designs, and strategies to drive sustainable transformation with high impact.

Tailor and apply HOST in your day-to-day work context to be responsive for unforeseen challenges. Engage in this co-creation with seasoned peers from across industries, sectors, and the globe.

“The practices enables me to get in touch with my own vulnerability that invites others to open up as well. I think the best thing about HOST is the infinite possibility. They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with. I found it a very easy coordination to select exercises to embrace the topic at hand.”

Marcelle Barges-Jans - Former Team Manager Nike Europe,
Executive Coach & Team Facilitator at Big 5 Consulting Firms.

3. HOST Growth Cycles

Your bi-weekly retreat.

Interactive peer consulting and group coaching that accelerates your personal growth, human- centered leadership competencies, and future-ready business skills to promote human-centered leadership and sustainable transformation within fast-changing organizations.

Tap into an infinite source of inspiration, positive energy, and support in both prosperous and challenging times. Come as you are, ready or not!

“HOST Growth Cycles bring me inspiration and new perspectives to problem solving or change practices. It’s invaluable to get connected, give and receive support by the experienced global community. It helps me grow as a person, professional, and as a business. We’ve got each other’s back!” Soraya Lagcher-Lanting - Freelance and Interim
Agile Transformation Consultant & Team Coach.

4. HOST Personal Coaching

Align and connect with your purpose.

One-on-one coaching sessions on your preferred topic: leading yourself, others, or your business.

We enable you to gain clarity for sustainable decision-making that is aligned with your values, and purpose to impact your life, vocation, or business. Come as you are, ready or not!

“Never in my life have I experienced that you can go into the depth of your working experience and feelings within only a few hours!” Eduard van Zuijlen, Mayor, Economist,
Educator, former Executive Coach.

5. HOST Practitioners Certification

Seize new career or business opportunities

4.5 star feedback by 185+ HOST practitioners. A unique balance state-of-the art research and practices. Create awareness for the urge of change based on the HOST Guide and Strategy Report.

Drive sustainable change by living and applying the HOST Design Toolkit.

“I really have this H.O.S.T. structure, the Human energy, Openness to engage, Shared resources, Transformation, in my mind, and that is really helpful. It gives me the confidence that I know what I’m doing and it’s worth it to get it out into the world!” Annemieke de Bruin,
Educational Innovation Designer

6. HOST Train-the-Trainer

Accelerate your experiential learning

Experience and experiment with the HOST Design Toolkit to apply online or offline to serve your organization or clients best.

Together we organize remote HOST Labs to receive direct constructive feedback by your invited participants and HOST practitioners. Accelerate your (experiential) learning curve to maximize your responsiveness to future’s unexpected challenges.

“HOST Brings agility, a nice buzzword nowadays, into practice. An excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees. Powerful, fantastic, and effective; don’t have other words for it!” Niek Vrielink - L&D Human Capital Innovation
at Fortune 500 companies.

7. HOST Global Ecosystem

24/7 personal, professional & business support.

With whom do you share your brilliant failures and successes? Never worry alone.

Before, during, after your HOST Growth Cycles, and even beyond, have instant access to your global peer network of top-tier transformers, purpose-driven to lift you, your organization, clients, and societies to the next level!

“I was a bit sceptical about joining ‘another’ platform. In my organisation they failed to get a self learning community rolling. At HOST I see the engagement increasing every day and the community spin-off really takes place! Next week I provide my third HOST session unlocking creativity and agile work environment at our team meeting.” Stefan de Graaf - Change Agent & Trainer Creativity.

Take part in our highly diverse global ecosystem

When you work with HOST, you’re supported by a global ecosystem of
ambitious and seasoned consultants to spread human-centered leadership
for sustainable change across industries, sectors, and the world.

HOST Practitioners’ diverse backgrounds, some examples:

  • Columbia University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Business University Nyenrode
  • Qualifications include: MBA, Sport & Health, Psychology, Economics, Finance, Technology, Organizational Anthropology, Sociology, International Relations etc.
  • International coaching and facilitation certifications (ACC, ORSC, ICF, IAF)
  • Change management (Prosci and Theory-U)
  • Project management (Agile and Scrum)
  • Personality assessment and team collaboration (Insight Discovery)
  • Facilitate process and product innovations (Design Thinking).
  • Business Innovations (Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup)
  • Optimizing organizations (Lean Sigma)
  • Diagnose and help build a work culture through Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI).
  • Large corporates, Fortune 50+ Companies: Google, ING, Nike, KPN, Siemens
  • Not-for-profit: multilateral organizations, NGO’s, public organizations: Solidaridad, UN, IFRC, Ministry of Health
  • Scaling Tech SMEs:

  • Mid and large size consultancy companies: Accenture, Deloitte, BCG, Eden Mccallum.
“Everyone is professional, trustworthy, has the willingness
to learn and share, and dares to be vulnerable.
Also very important, we have a good laugh!”

Soraya Lagcher-Lanting, Change Consultant

Transform your world and that of others

Modern, ongoing, flexible, experiential, peer-to-peer, and personalized learning journey.
Below a 15-week snapshot of your journey with HOST Premium.

Onboarding: Intake + Roadmap + Community Guidlines

Growth Cycles

Peer & professional support
24/7 access

HOST Academy
modules & certification
Continuously updated

Power questions

Personal Leadership

HOST Design Toolkit

Future-ready Business

Quarterly HOST Labs

Personal Leadership Coaching


We believe in enabling people to take ownership over their own transformation is key for sustainable transformation. To influence their mindset, behaviour, and culture, and become their own “tool” for change.


Virtual & blended.

We aim to make every intervention an engaging, experiential, and transformative learning experience, whether this is online or offline.

HOST Innovation Spiral - Future of Learning & Development

Personalized & flexible.

We involve practitioners in their own learning journey. Thereby HOST-ing a unique, individually tailored learning experience that is responsive to each practitioner’s preferred pace, level, (emerging) needs, and context.

Continuous Leadership on all levels.

We connect people with their purpose and help stretch their circle of influence to drive lasting change, innovation, transformation. Large scale impact applicable for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

“It’s an infinite and non prescriptive learning journey
where you have the right to pick what is valuable to you.”

Eleftheria Kayoti, Innovation Coach

Be of best value to
organizations and customers

We help you measure to scale
sustainable organizational performance.




Scaling sustainable organizational performance:

Drawing on UN Sustainable Development Goal 8:
promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth,
full and productive employment and decent work for all.

“I like that HOST is multifaceted in it’s approach,
reach, and it’s intended impact.”

Kendra Prescott, Leadership Consultant & Facilitator

Your Investment

Choose your preferred HOST journey
and personalize it as you evolve.
Enjoy the Early Adopter Discount
HOST Basic
€ 1450,-
6 months access:

1. HOST Licensing*

  • HOST License toolkit to support you to incorporate the HOST Solutions in your offerings or services.
  • Profiled on the official HOST marketplace.
  • Grow your online visibility for your ideal audience.

1. HOSTAcademy

2. HOST Academy

  • HOST Fundamentals
  • The HOST Design Toolkit.
  • Future-ready Business

3. HOST Growth Cycles

Six Peer consulting & group coaching:

  • Your Personal Leadership
  • Human-Centered Leadership Innovations.
  • Future-ready Business

4. HOST Personal Coaching

One-on-one online coaching

  • 1 session of max 1.5-hours.

5. HOST Certification

  • Get AGILE! – Personal Leadership
  • HOST Practitioners
  • Future-ready business

6. HOST Train-the-Trainer

Total of two HOST Labs access,
every 3-months:

  • to experience HOST
  • to experiment with HOST
  • invite your peers & network.

7. HOST Global Community

Instant & real-time:

  • personal
  • professional
  • Future-ready business support

Direct Access
One-off pay or in 3 monthly instalments**

HOST Premium 
For seasoned consultants with > 3 years experience
 € 4250,-€ 3450,-
12 months access:

1. HOST Licensing*

  • HOST License toolkit to support you to incorporate the HOST Solutions in your offerings or services.
  • Profiled on the official HOST marketplace.
  • Grow your online visibility for your ideal audience.

2. HOST Academy

  • HOST Fundamentals
  • The HOST Design Toolkit
  • Future-ready Business.

3. HOST Growth Cycles

Peer consulting & coaching,

  • Your Personal Leadership
  • Human-Centered Leadership Innovations
  • Future-ready Business.

4. HOST Personal Coaching

One-on-one online coaching

  • 2 sessions of max 1.5-hours.

5. HOST Certification

  • Get AGILE! – Personal Leadership
  • HOST Practitioners
  • Future-ready Business.

6. HOST Train-the-Trainer

Total of four HOST Labs access,
every 3-months:

  • to experience HOST.
  • to experiment with HOST.
  • invite your peers & network.

7. HOST Global Ecosystem

Total of four Instant & real-time:

  • personal
  • professional
  • Future-ready business support.

One-off pay, in 3 or 12 monthly instalments**

Teams/ groups/ cohorts

We provide special discounts for teams/groups of:

  • internal consultants working for large organization
  • consultants working for a mid-size to large consultancy company with client-organizations

who sign up as one or multiple cohorts.

Contact us for the HOST Cohort Offering and advice on how to incorporate the HOST Platform, the 7 HOST Solutions into your services or portfolio to deliver best transformational value for leaders, teams, organizations, and societies.

*Licensing: based on intake, becoming part of the marketplace based on premium, a minimum of 4.5-star feedback, quality delivery.

**Our memberships are non-recurring. If you remain a member from year two onwards you receive 56% discount for HOST Premium and invest 1500,- for 12 months, and for HOST Basic, 638,- for 6 months.

  • Premium quality for accessible pricing to scale impact. Instead of paying one-off high fees or multiple fees for various programs, with HOST Premium you get access to all 7 HOST Solutions, for one fixed price.

  • Win-win-win-win. You can choose to spread your investment over 3 or 12 months, without any extra costs. We enable you to scale your transformational impact and triple your Return on Investment. That is fair for all: yourself, your organization or customers, your community, and great for us as well being able to work longer-term, with more change professionals on their transformational journey.

  • Both HOST Basic as Premium are interactive and fully remote.

  • HOST practices applicable on- and offline.
  • Interested in the additional 3 day in-person training in Amsterdam: reach out via
  • We’ve special tariffs for good causes and discounts for groups and teams tailor-made services, contact us.
  • Companies outside the Netherlands and individuals outside the European Union, are free from paying VAT.
  • Annual HOST Premium membership extension fees are €1495 per practitioner.
  • Friendship early adopter discount, receive 20% discount each if you sign up with two or more! For HOST Premium you need to apply first.
  • If you integrate HOST into your daily job it could make sense for your organization to invest in you. On request we’ve created an “Ask your decision maker/manager  template” to make this easier for you.

Questions?, visit our FAQs

Who gets licensed as a HOST Consultant

Forward-thinking leadership, management, change, innovation, strategy, transformation
consultants, coaches, educators, architects, designers, and facilitators who match
with the HOST communities purpose, values, experience, and challenges.


You’re share our mission to help humanize the way we work, learn, and lead to transform people, business, and society towards a sustainable future for all.


You’re experienced working with leaders or high-performing teams at scaling tech SMEs, large international organizations, NGO’s, or consultancy companies.


You share our core-values being servant, inclusive, positive, and a self-propelling innovator with an open and curious,
learners mindsets.


You brings specific cases in specific contexts to find new and impactful ways to enable yourself, leaders, teams, and organizations, to sustainably transform and grow your impact in our increasingly complex, global, and digital world.

How we’re wired +


Provide additional and complementary services to your client base to enable people, teams, and organizations to sustainably transform. Link your brand with the HOST Platform to obtain external credibility.


If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the HOST Platform will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within.


If you work for a mid-size to large consulting company, add the HOST Platform to your portfolio and benefit from a global community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth and transformational impact.

Teams &

Accelerate sustainable transformation by leveraging the impact with your team or peers. Incorporate the HOST Platform in your services or portfolio and deliver the best value for your organization or clients.

HOST Stories

Doubts, questions? Listen to the ins and outs
explained by your peer change professionals.

Need Support?

HOST in a nutshell...

HOST for Consultants
Guide lasting transformation
by starting with the people
Enjoy the Early Adopter Discount & Bonuses
Perfect For Beginners
€497/Lifetime access
One-off pay

Lifelong access
HOST Academy:

The HOST DesignToolkit

Lifelong access
HOST Social Media Community

HOST Practitioners Certification

Early Adopter Bonuses
Design Your Purpose-driven Life
HOST Practitioners 1-day Training

Mastery Program
For Intermediates
One-off or three-terms pay

Lifelong access
HOST Academy:

The HOST DesignToolkit
Design Your Purpose-driven Life

6-Months access HOST Global Community incl. 24/7 Professional support

HOST Practitioners Certification
HOST Master Certification

6 Months Bi-Weekly
HOST Growth Cycles on

Personal Leadership
Human-centered Leadership Development

Early Adopter Bonuses
Design Your Purpose-driven Life
HOST 3-day Integration Training in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Master Membership
For Experienced
One-off or three-terms pay

Lifelong access
HOST Academy:

The HOST DesignToolkit
Design Your Purpose-driven Life
Scale Your Future-Proof Business

12-Months access HOST Global Community incl. 24/7 Professional & Business Support

HOST Practitioners Certification
HOST Master Certification

12 Months Bi-Weekly
HOST Growth Cycles

Personal Leadership
Human-centered Leadership Development
Future-Proof Business Innovations

MasterClasses by Leaders of Transformation

Partnership & Licensing opportunities

Early Adopter Bonuses:
HOST 3-day Integration Training in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

HOST Membership Discount Events
First seating at HOST Events
Early Adopter Discount for your peers

Why signing up?
What HOST Members say:
Real people. Real impact. Real results.
When you work with HOST, you’re supported by a global ecosystem of forward-thinking
consultants passionate to transform the way we work, learn, and lead. Anytime, anywhere.
— Together, you can do it yourself!
Kranti M
Design Entrepreneur
Transforming Entrepreneurship
“HOST is a welcome departure from the unusual and very effective at breaking barriers among participants and within their minds.”
Marcelle Barges
Corporate Trainer & Facilitator
Transforming Corporations
“HOST has been an amazing launching path to build my own training company and create In-company programs.”
Coen Bavink
Human Resource Expert
Transforming HR
“Instead of letting participants 'perform a trick', I now challenge them to 'own' their new skill and employ it in their own unique way.”
Karla van Loock
Independent Change Consultant
Transforming Consultancy
“Me and the participants continue to be amazed when observing the power of this approach.”
John Jong
Interim Manager
Transforming Leadership
“Their marketing knowledge and the peer support of the community is very valuable.”
Adda van Zanden
Presentation Coach
Transforming Work Cultures
“What I love about providing HOST sessions is the spontaneous way participants take on a positive attitude.”
Vadivu Govind
Facilitator, Coach & Consultant
Transforming Workplaces
“Growing with kindred consultants who envision a much better world which taps into the best of the human condition.”
Marc-Peter Pijper
Holacracy & Growth Expert
Transforming Finance
“A new refreshed look into working together, not only as individuals but also as teams. I like the positive mindset it brings.”
Ton Bakker
Change & Executive Coach
Transforming Organizations
“The future is uncertain for many of us. HOST helps people gain clarity in their future.”
Ellis Haring
Interim HR Manager
Transforming HR
“HOST makes me enthusiastic about HR again! I feel confident to advise organizations in the traditional or transformative HR way.”
Frank Jäger
Trainer, Coach, Consultant
Transforming L&D
“A collaborative exchange to get inspired and inspire others on your transformational journey.”
Sylvia Bronkhorst
Learn to Innovate Educator
Transforming Education
“Helps me and my colleagues to reinvent myself as a trainer by placing the students in the center.”
Niek Vrielink
L&D Innovation
Transforming HRM
“Brings agility, a buzzword nowadays, into practice. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees.”
Manuela Bosch
Process Designer & Consultant
Transforming Businesses
“You don't have to engage in week long workshops to apply HOST into your day-to-day services and work.”
Eric de Bruin
Interim & Consultancy
Transforming Governance
“It’s very practical and powerful! It helps me cope with change fatigue, skepticism and criticism.”
John Schmeitz
Digital Transformation Facilitator
Transforming Healthcare
“Meeting like-minded people, to inspire, to be inspired, and to grow.”
The HOST2Transform style


Turn insights into action on a day-to day basis. Become your own “tool” for change.
Future-Proof L&D
Facilitate innovative, lifelong, experiential, peer & expert education for exponential growth.


Apply modern evidence-based practices rooted in science, arts, and business.

Scale Results

Augment the impact of your existing services, access new client segments and seize multiple revenue streams.
Clarity is Power
Brings focus in agile work environments for alignment and sustainable decision making.

Meaningful ROI

Measure to scale your return on investment, on three levels: people, business and society
Frequently asked questions

Yes! If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of your first payment, and you would like a refund, please contact support and we will happily issue you a refund.

Absolutely. You can upgrade your plan at any time. With annual membership you’ll receive an notification we are extending your membership that includes full professional and business support.

Yes, this online program helps you develop the potential within your work environment online and offline. Taking part in the Early Adopter Advantage before April 15th 2020, you’ll get free access to the 3-day In-person HOST Master Training in Amsterdam. This is a free bonus. Also we encourage offline local Meetups and Labs to practice your HOST human-centered leadership development skills.

Yes, depending on the needs of your work context. With COVID-19 many of the HOST Members provide remote leadership development services to design online transformative learning journeys. In this way – as a community – we are future ready and truly capable to help people connect with themselves and others. Anytime, anywhere.

Yes, you can. We have location independent consultants joining, some apply blended transformative learning journeys, others enjoy in-person facilitation sessions, while providing online executive coaching services on the side.

We make sure you still can send in your questions and challenges for your peers and the HOST Consultants to ponder upon and help you with. In this way we facilitate 100% demand-based and continuous learning and development, even when you can’t find the time.

HOST2Transform Global is registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Only Dutch companies and individuals pay 21% VAT, EU companies with a valid EU VAT number do not pay VAT (Reverse Charge). Companies and individuals outside the EU don’t pay VAT as long as they can prove the location of registration.

Nope! We’re growing organically and all our decision-making is based on the feedback of the growing HOST community and HOST Board of Experts. This means we can grow in win-win-win-win as a global ecosystem ways. Together we scale our transformative impact on people, businesses, and societies.

On average less than 1 month to obtain your practitioners certificate, less than 6 month to obtain your master certificate, and less than 12 months to become a partner. It is around 20-contact hours on average.

There are and we encourage you to try them out first before signing up. Participating in this program is a mutual commitment from both sides to help you get to extraordinary results and earn back your investment in “no-time”. At the same time we also want to attract a tribe of like-minded pioneering and purpose-driven leadership, organisational, learning and development professionals, teams, agencies and academies.
We know that our community is our biggest asset for “success”, impact and competitive advantage.We prefer to grow slowly with “the right” people on-board, people who have the right mindset in place and are committed to grow human-centered leadership on all levels in order to make change work.
If you are still in doubt, please check the free resources, join a free online training, apply for a clarity session or book a meeting.
HOST Manifesto
This is the world’s first manifesto that has designed 20 principles to help grow a culture for human-centered leadership on all levels to make change work. Sign the HOST Manifesto in your own unique way and inspire others to be(come) their best selves.
HOST Guide
provides you with hands on practices, skills and strategies to drive real transformation. This guide is the “body of knowledge” and the foundation for you to adopt your HOST for leaders, HOST foundation or HOST masters certification.
HOST Global Leadership Trend Report 2019
This unconventional report provides you with a clear overview of research that gives you a clear explanation why the call for systemic – personal, business and societal – transformation is crucial for us to survive and thrive.
This trend report is mostly used as a “factsheet” to alert global leaders, influencers and decision makers to prioritise human-centered transformation on the top of their agenda. Also, we’re open to harvesting more case stories and facts about the pressing global challenges, and thus opportunities, for us to change the way we live, work, lead and educate.
Free online training
On a regular basis we provide free webinars to spread the word about HOST and attract like-minds; pioneering and purpose-driven leadership-, organisational, learning and development professionals, teams, agencies and academies to collaborate with.
Free clarity call
When you/your team or organisation want to seriously considers joining this program and has the resources – time, buy-in, investment and enthusiasm – to participate, but would to have a personal experience First in order to see if this program is worth it, apply for a free clarity call. We only invite professionals on the call that have serious intentions to participate and who are purpose-driven to contribute to grow a global culture for human-centered leadership on all levels to make change work. Apply here of your free clarity call.
Every organisation allocates their leadership- learning and development budget in different ways. Here you can download the HOST Master Certification Training proposal to show the decision-maker within your organisation. If you need additional information or clarity on the resources needed for this program, contact us here:
We have experienced organisations pay the HOST programs through their leadership education, learning and development, enter- intrapreneurship, personal development or to be part of a mobility plan to obtain new skills and competencies essential for successful outplacement. Learn via this page how your peers got their investment covered.
We believe in the power of shared wisdom, the collective mind. We provide you with online personal coaching in a group setting and when you send us personal question in the community, we can also answer these collectively.. For us this is the key to get to the question behind the question as these topics can be of interest for the whole group.

If you are interested in one-on-one leadership or business coaching only, than we’d advise you to check out the Senior Executive Education program or Scale Your Future-proof Business. There programs are tailored to your personal leadership and transformational journey and to up-skill your competencies as a human-centered leader or business co-founder or owner, and allow you to seize (new) career or business opportunities. You can join with the executive team or individually.

The modules are divided in a series of trainings we call “classes”. Every modules comes with impact sheets so that you can immediately put into action what you learn , in a way that suits you best. The videos provide you with inspiration, a core idea, best practice or guidance for implementation. We aim to make your learning journey as inspiring and transformative as possible. We apply gamification and comment fields that stimulate engagement with your peers. We practice what we preach and cherish your feedback to make your online experience as human-centered and transformative as possible
With the H2T experts and your peers, we elaborate your perspective through our our holistic approach that enables you to find your best solutions and next steps. We champion vertical and exponential learning and allow you to be the owner of your learning journey. We are here to guide, nudge and “open up the blind spots”.
We aim to scale our impact and therefore only apply “interventions” which we have validated over the course of the past 7 years. Our “coaching” program combines all of our best practices to create a uniquely individualized and interpersonal learning and development experience. We haven’t seen this elsewhere and this makes us unique.
We try to respond to the various learning styles that exist and apply HOST interventions which can be small seeds that lead to larger, new insights, for you to connect the dots in new ways;, which is key to any innovation.
We merge principles of psychology, neuroscience, applied improvisation, design thinking and organisational anthropology to optimise your learning experience by increasing;
  • purpose (meaning)
  • urgency (desire to change the status-quo)
  • autonomy (to freely experiment and have ownership over your learning journey)
  • larity (the dot on the horizon)
  • challenge (some hurdles to overcome that requires expertise and focus)
  • support (from peers/ your network that compliment you)
  • buy-in (the permission to be “unconventional” and drive change)
  • confidence (feel of empowerment, you can do this being your authentic-self)
  • joy and excitement (combine joy with accomplishments)
  • results (visible short and long-term results).

to scale our impact and make change work.

HOST interventions
We distinguish four types of HOST Interventions that (all four) take places every three weeks. It’s up to you if you join all of them, for 3 months on a row, or to choose to extend your “HOST “coaching” cycle” by converting your program tuition fee into a 6 or 12 month membership for unlimited access to unlimited HOST interventions

  • Personalised online group “coaching”

    To keep our “coaching” and “consulting” a real-time and human-centered experience, you get the opportunity to send in your questions/ challenges 24 hours prior to our sessions.

    As there are no one-dimensional answers it’s our aim for you to tap into your potential to provide your own solutions, by experiencing the self-confidence and self-empowerment to transform your current experienced situation and grow your circle of influence. You’re your best teacher to realise and experience that, is a journey in itself.

    We are very curious to hear and learn from your experiences and as you know more about your context that we do, we prefer to build a relationship of prosumers over teachers-consumers. Afterall, at the cutting-edge is where the magic happens and innovation takes place.

    We avoid unnecessary struggle by providing you the “minimal structure and for maximal freedom for experiment”. This is different for everyone and we’re happy to help you finding your balance of “learning” and “self-exploration”

  • Serendipitous online connective networking

    Thanks to our partners at, we’re able to connect you with your peers from across the globe in plenary settings as well as in small break-out groups or duos. This gives you the possibility to have a personal experience while tapping into the wisdom of the crowd that enables you to learn and develop in exponential ways.

    We host the session by providing transformational power questions, that provide new perspectives and solutions, and to deeply connect with your peers and share complementary knowledge, networks and skills. Since we work with a very niche group of (informal) leaders eager to grow human-centered leadership on all levels to make change work, the response we often get is; “ooh it’s like I hear myself talk and we’ve known each other for ages!” The accidental encounter that can instantly transform your life, is just around the corner.

  • Future-proof L&D innovations

    We experiment with HOST online practices, and, together, we experiment with what works best for us, and what does not. During the networking sessions we aim for a shared learning experience on in the area of leadership and change innovation. We invite you to send in power questions, prepare L&D “interventions” and case stories of best practices and brilliant failures, to share with the community and/or experiment with during the session. As we want to keep our shared L&D resources complementary and of professional standards, we’re selective to whom we provide the stage “to share best practices” with the community, preparation determines 90% of your impact, and expect everyone who shares is well prepared and for the audience, to be open to experiment something new.

  • MasterMind kick-offs

    These are sessions we help you to host and self-organise. We do kick off these mastermind sessions regularly for those who’re eager to join one. On forehand we do provide you of a MasterMind Best Practices and “Ground Rules” how to (self) organise your MasterMinds, with your peers in the our community, and/or within your own organisation. When all basic elements are in place, it’s a true accelerator to lift its members to the next level. If things are not going as planned, you can always reach out for community support and we’ll help your mastermind group to get back on track!

Yes, you can always subscribe for your team to join the regular “intra-company” program.Just add more participants in the basket when you subscribe and email us your team members name and email addresses, in such we can provide everyone of a proper login and password.
If you like to know what our incompany options are, to give your team a “private” learning experience, reach out for us by booking an online video appointment here.

We work with a continuous feedback loop. Based on your reviews, suggestions and ideas we update our academy 24/7.

Yes! The moment you subscribe, you get instant access to the first month of trainings and content in your Host2Transform library. Once you’ve signed up, please check your email inbox for your personalised login details.

When you subscribe you can join the upcoming coaching session schedule here. You can start anytime from directly after subscription until 6 month after the subscription. It’s your own responsibility to keep an eye on this “6 month” expire date. We try to do our best and remind you, however, no guarantees on that on our end.

ince we work globally we try to include as many time-zones as possible in our scheduled timing 5PM GTM+1 Amsterdam time. The sessions last between an hour and hour and a half. Make sure you get consent from your manager, decision maker (if this is not you:)). If you’re based in Asia, these sessions may take place around midnight. The positive side is: you’ll blend in with the rest of the world. If we host separate sessions for Asia, this magic will be lost. If this holds you back from signing-up, please reach out for us to explore new possibilities.

We’ve designed the program in such a way you can determine your own learning journey and work on your level in your time and pace. If you’ve never worked with groups or people and you don’t know if this is for you, we wouldn’t recommend you to join. This program is tailored to people-people, who are human-centered leaders by nature and eager to lift others to the next level.
Also if you just started work as a trainer, coach or consultant, be aware that your Return on Investment (RoI) might take a bit longer whereas people have more experience. In the contrary, we’ve also worked with trainers, coaches and consultants, that had to “unlearn” what they have been doing for years in order to drive real transformation.
Most important for us is that you have affinity with the work we do and you’re purpose driven to Experiment with more unconventional practices, designs and strategies to unlock the potential within individuals, teams and organisations.
Yes! Because we, as well as the community, offer you unconventional practices that are out-of-the-box and have been experienced as extraordinary, fun and powerful. Also because you’re in the driver’s seat of your own learning and development journey and choose your level and speed of learning.
You learn fastest when you “teach”, therefore it’s key to go out there and apply that what you’ve Learned in your own best ways. Create your own program and/or collaborating with HOST integrating the HOSTDesignToolkit and HOST Certification for leaders in your program, whatever works. You can even apply to become a HOST partner and grow with us in exponential ways.
Also our network is one-of-a-kind and provides new opportunities to buddy-up and tap into new networks from across the globe. During the serendipity connective networking sessions we often get the response “ooh, it’s like I’m listening to myself”. Your life changing encounter is just around the corner.
Of course the impact will be biggest if you can join most of the LIVE personalised coaching session. However, no worries if you can’t. You can always send in your questions 24 hrs on forehand and watch the replays. Also you have access to community and HOST expert support 24/7 as we’re eager to help you get unstuck anytime and anywhere.
Online is not a substitute of an offline experience, however, it can also serve the purpose of e.g. connecting people beyond bias, help people “implement” or pilot with new practices, share knowledge, networks and skills. Especially working with video, audio and break-out sessions where you can gear the session to a personal, small group and plenary setting and work with intra- interpersonal and group dynamics to grow reflection and impact. This accelerates cutting-edge learning and development, something offline can’t be organised with so much effectiveness. The only downside we’ve experienced of creating an online learning journey is that you miss the sense “touch” and not all HOST practices can be translate to the online experience. But still, everyday it surprises us more and more how far you can get in an online setting.

  • Future-proof “Toolkit for change”

    Upskill your change-, leadership-, communication-, collaboration- coach, design, consulting and facilitation practices to truly help forward-thinking leaders, teams and organisations transform, lead and thrive in emerging markets. Tap into lifelong learning and employability, as we continuously update our work.

  • Consultancy 4.0

    Build sustainable relationships and generate buy-in for your “transformational case” to be on “top of mind”by decision-makers, influencers and leaders to make change work.

  • Make the invisible visible

    Co-create a solid business case for human-centered leadership, innovation and transformation. Measure your Return on Investment (RoI) to make sure your work resonates, has impact and grows.

  • Attracting like-minds

    Connective ‘sales’ practices to create buy-in and attracts high-end forward-thinking leaders and purpose-driven organisations. Grow human-centered leadership, innovations and transformation on all levels.

  • Receive your deserved visibility

    Generate 5-star feedback and harvest empowering stories that inspire people to get into action and attract your “tribe” of like-minds. Your ambassadors for life.

  • Grow your impact and/or business (optional)

    After obtaining your Master Certification, you’ll get equipped to integrate the blended HOST DesignsToolkit and Certification for leaders on all levels into your value (business) proposition. Grow human-centered leadership, -innovation and-transformation while growing your impact and business.

The objective of the Certification element in the HOST programs, is that it:
  • sharpens your awareness, updates your knowledge and upskills your practices to grow human-centered leadership, innovations and transformation with ease, joy and scalable impact.

  • enables you to tap into and contribute to a shared discourse, which makes it easier to connect and collaborate with our network, community and business ecosystem.

  • boosts your (online) visibility and (for some us) your confidence and competences to unlock the potential within individuals, teams and organisations, to create the conditions to make change work.

  • boosts your (linkedin) portfolio and credibility as an “expert” who is equipped to apply future-proof practices, designs and strategies that helps leaders, teams and organisations transform, lead and thrive in our fast changing and digital world In other words, for them to become “VUCA-ready”.

The HOST Foundation Certification verifies your know-how, experience and ideas of the the HOST framework which is presented in the three documents, namely the:

  • HOST Guide: that represents the “body of knowledge”; the minimal structure that empowers you to grow maximal human-centered leadership-, -innovation and -transformation.

  • Global Leadership Trend Report: updates about today’s global challenges and opportunities that urges leaders, decision-makers and influencers to make-work-change and make-change-work.

It’s an online assessment with multiple-choice and open questions. The value of the HOST Foundation Certification is € 997 and comes with the early adopter HOST Master Certification Training offer.

As we aim to keep the quality of our services high-level by collaborating with motivated and talented HOST practitioners. We’ve have designed and meaningful online human-centered “assessment” procedure that is transparent, joy- and impactful. We make sure you/your agency/ organisation receives lifelong deserved (online) visibility. All HOST certifications are to be found in Linkedin.

After obtaining your HOST Foundation Certification, we distinguish three “Master” phases:

  • Phase 1 – Transformational review collection to boost your HOST portfolio and generates you/your organisations deserved visibility. We aim for you to train and harvest feedback of around 25-50 participants and score around 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. Based on your (participants) needs we suggest your a HOST design, of around 3 hours to experiment with. Make your “flying hours” to become (un)consciously HOST competent 😉

  • Phase 2 – Transformational business case in where you clarify the value proposition providing (any) HOST interventions within your work environment. We have sample business cases that can support you. We always learn from our HOST practitioners, we invite you to be daring and out-of-the-box

  • Phase 3 – Online open interview with one of the partners of Host2Transform. By asking power Question we unlock your potential and “assess” if it aligns with the HOST framework; i.e. HOST guide, HOST Global Leadership Trend Report and HOST Manifesto.

How much time it takes to obtain your HOST Master certification really depends your needs and varies each practitioners. Some HOST practitioners run through these four 4 phases effortlessly, with or without joining the 2-day training in Amsterdam, within a month, and others might take it slow, as a side project and take up around 6 months.

The value of the HOST Master Certification is € 1997 and comes with the early adopter HOST Master Certification Training offer.

Being HOST Master Certificated you receive 5 vouchers for five for your clients or participants to enjoy the HOST DesignToolkit and HOST Assessment, to get the confidence and competences
to help grow human-centered leadership, -innovation and -transformation, on all levels.

The HOST vouchers each have a value of € 300 per person. Which means you get a value of € 600 for 2 of your peers, participants or clients, to get access the HOST DesignToolkit and HOST assessment.

Via the official website anyone can purchase these HOST vouchers for € 300 excl. vat per person. The quality of their value or business proposition is 100% up to them. We deliver the HOST DesignToolkit and HOST assessment for Leaders and give the adequate
support in doing so.

As a certified HOST Master you receive 50% discount in purchasing the HOST vouchers, you invest € 150 excl vat per voucher, and receive support in constructing a business proposition that serves both you, as well as your work environment, in win-win-win-win ways.

Note: We’ve added this optional bonus to scale (y)our HOST impact together in financially sustainable ways. It’s nothing more than an extra bonus added to the HOST Master Certification and it’s 100% up to you/ your context on which level you’d like to participate with HOST
in the role of a;

  • HOST Foundation practitioner
  • HOST Certified Master practitioner who does or does not integrate HOST vouchers into their value or business proposition to create a blended learning experience for their work environment to grow human-centered leadership on all levels
  • as HOST partner (application basis only) offering their HOST services via the official website

We are not a “cult” or sekt, nor champion pyramid schemes. It a generous gesture and opportunity for you to consider or experiment with. If you’re familiar with the concept of business ecosystems you agree this proposition is a no-brainer.

Sample case: with your HOST Master Certification background and these 5 vouchers, you are equipped to train a team of 8 managers, based on the suggested 1 hour, half day, 1 or 2 days “Get AGILE!” HOST Leadership Development training design. You get the opportunity to earn back your investment for this HOST certification program without any sweat and get yourself assured of a second income by providing HOST trainings and sessions, growing human-centered
leadership on all levels.

At the moment we’re piloting the right packaging and the pricing. We very much appreciate your feedback to help us grow together.

Two full days of training on 6-7 July or 5-6 Oct 2019 in Amsterdam. The objective of this training is to experience, experiment and get coached in applying unconventional “L&D innovations” which is challenging to do during our online HOST “Coaching” cycles. Reasons why we do hold this in-person session is to:

  • create momentum for you to experiment with the HOST practices to reinvent and upskill your training, coaching and facilitation competencies.

  • coach and get coached on applying the HOST practices and skills and get your, so-called, “flying hours” in. Which makes it easier to adopt your Master Certification.

  • connect with like-minded pioneers in the field of leadership-, learning and development from across industries and the globe. Build sustainable relationships for fun, work and life.

  • meet the HOST founder and partners in-person to build a supportive, learning and leading Network, community and business ecosystem.

  • Illuminate your transformational case and create a clear value proposition or business case around It and scale your impact in exponential ways.

  • exchange practices and exercises with your peers

  • present your transformational roadmap and connect with accountability-buddies.

  • best practices and brilliant failures how to “sell” HOST in- our outside organisations.

  • tap into the possibilities to grow with us as a business ecosystem. Stay an optional 3rd day (free of charge) for those interested to become a HOST partner.

  • explore gorgeous Amsterdam together Inspiring and transformational (self) leadership practices for you to experience and apply in your own work context.

Note: Coffee, tea, little snacks are included in this early adopter program pricing. All other costs, like breakfast, dinner, lunch, travel and accommodation (hotels etc) costs, are not included in the pricing.

More details about the 2-day program follow closer to the set date. It will be extraordinary. The value of the 2-day training is € 2997 and comes with the early adopter HOST Master Certification Training offer.

Based on mutual consent, independent HOST Master Certified professionals and change agencies can become a HOST partner and expose their HOST services via the official HOST website. More details follow after sending in your application here.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee if you hand-in impact sheets and your feedback. This equipes us to improve our program and refund your money directly, no questions asked.
Yes, we provide you the practices, strategies and design to make it a sustainable business as well. It took as over 7 years to get clarity on the emerging needs of the market. What works, what doesn’t and when to invest in strategic and sustainable relationships with like-minded forward-thinking leaders who agree we need to change the conventional coaching and training approach, and are open to explore the possible.

Yes, here you find the option to pay in 3-monthly terms for you or your team, it’s 20% more expensive since we provide you all the facilities before the full payment.

Yes! See the “group” section or schedule a direct meeting.
Schedule a meeting or send us the additional questions to connect@host2transform or in the chat box below.
This is something we consider to pilot in the near future with only our committed HOST Partners who have “lived” the HOST services and know the value and business proposition by heart, Including, how to pivot it for their work environment, to fully meet their (emerging) needs.
This requires some training and practices. Clarity is gold to scale impact. So let’s have this in place first by closely aligning with the needs of the HOST practitioners and their work environment,

Next to our core business to empower others to spread empowerment for positive change around them, we also partner to invest part of our abundant resources (knowledge, networks and skills) in social empowerment programs that care for inclusive entrepreneurship,sustainability and diversity. Delight Labs, the documentary Normal is Over, Workplace Pride and Woman in Artificial Intelligence are examples.

Also we provide scholarships to those who have the potential to be(come) great human-centered leaders purpose-driven to make change work.

This makes you not only investing in your own empowerment and that of your work environment and organisations, but also indirectly also in social programs. We champion systemic transformation, empowerment from the individuals to the global, and the other way around.

When what has been described here doesn’t thrill you. In short, it’s best not to sign up when you don’t want to:

  • experience learn-by-doing (exponentially) rather study books only (linary);

  • stretch your comfort-zone to grow your impact to grow human-centered leadership,- innovation and -transformation, on all levels;

  • invest time in this program (on average 3 hours a week max.);

  • discover complementary “change frameworks”;

  • be coached nor share your inspiration;

  • communicate with human-centered user-friendly software (zoom, slack) to stay well connected;

And best not to sign-up when you
  • don’t have any transformational case to work on, not now or ever;

  • you here to promote your business (only);

  • don’t have the montairy resources to invest (ask your HR person! Check out how here);

  • don’t agree with our HOST community ethics, see here.

Note: feel free to engage with the community on any level and in any form you prefer and our “HOST community ethics” allows. This is 100% up to you. No engagement is SLACK, skipping the coaching cycles, is fine, if you prefer to study on you own terms. Come on over and do try it out, we would day; )

If you’re still in doubt or have some questions do reach our or us! We aim to remain to be as bendable as possible in order to serve everyone’s needs.

Schedule a or meeting here or reach out for us via our question on our right-hand side we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
We’re here to scale (y)our transformative impact!
The HOST Master & Membership Includes
HOST Academy
Lifelong learning & development.

Practical skills, practices, program designs, and strategies to guide lasting transformation in ways that suit you and your work environment best.

Engage in a co-creative multimedia experience by peers and experts that help accelerate your growth.

HOST Growth Cycles
Your bi-weekly retreat.

Emerging-based peer learning and coaching that helps boost i.e. your personal leadership, change leadership skills, and future-proof business.

Your inspiration, support, and accountability by brilliant minds from across sectors, industries, and the world.

HOST Vibrant Global Ecosystem
24/7 professional and business support.

With whom do you share your brilliant failures and successes?

Join this collaborative exchange of like-minds ready to help you on your transformational journey to develop the potential within people, teams, and organizations.

HOST Certifications & Licensing
Seize new career or business opportunities.

Get skilled, confident and visible in guiding lasting transformation. Attract and work with your ideal clients and organizations to be(come) the best of you.

Seize licensing opportunities to access new client segments and create multiple revenue streams.

HOST Metrics
Reinvent KPIs.

Work with purpose by measuring and scaling (y)our people (wellbeing), business (ongoing innovation) and societal (global citizenship) impact.

Spread your transformative stories and contribute to the world’s first crowdsourced research on human-centered leadership.

HOST In-person Training (bonus)
Become a regional HOST partner

Internalize the HOST practices and skills during the 3-day HOST Master Training in Amsterdam.

Experience and experiment with the HOST DesignToolkit to fast-forward your certification and licensing process. Connect with thought provoking peers, the H2T founder, and the HOST A-Team.

HOST in a nutshell...