Consultancy 4.0

Our human-centered, blended, and personalised leadership and business solutions help forward-thinking leaders, teams, and organisations transform, lead, and thrive in rapidly changing and digital work environments.

Design and unlock the potential within your work environment with ease, joy, and scalable people,
business, and societal impact.

3 – 12 MONTHS

Transform into the new

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. We empower you to transform, thrive, and scale impact
in blended, customised, and personalised ways on a continuous day-to-day basis.

HOST Consultancy Approach

HOST Incompany Services

4 Phases to HOST transformation

We help you bring clarity in complex and fast changing work environments
Walk through the 4 steps and start to transform today!


Get clarity on your (emerging) needs & set your
transformational purpose: your desired outcome


Design your blended HOST Consultancy 4.0 Cycle:
Grow buy-in & engagement

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Improve your outcome through continuous feedback loops
[ Iterate on-the-go ]


Measure, share, and scale your people,
business & societal Impact

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HOST Consultancy 4.0 Cycle

Co-design your human-centered and iterative HOST Consultancy 4.0 Cycle with us.
Blend online and offline real-time HOST interventions to facilitate personalised continuous
learning and development. Leverage on-the-job impact to make change work.

HOST Blended Menu

Pick the HOST blended learning interventions that suit
you best to transform into the new.

HOST in-company services

HOST online coaching
& peer learning

HOST engaging global

HOST in-person programs

HOST online meaningful certification

HOST In-company Services

Sometimes you need a third-eye to advice, upskill or empower your leaders, teams, and organisation.
Transformation requires interventions throughout the organisation as well as
soft- and hard-skill development. We combine the best of all worlds.

Strategy & Advice in Leadership,
HR/L&D, Innovation & Cultural Change



Executive Future-proof Leadership
Coaching & Mindset Retreat



HOST Train-the-trainer



Unconferencing Events & Engaging
HOST Keynotes



HOST Online Coaching & Peer learning

Unique transformational interventions that provide a real-time personal experience.
By applying human-centered user-friendly software we leverage engagement,
meaningful conversations, and serendipity within and between organisations,
industries and the globe.

HOST Coaching Cycle

Tailor-made online “coaching” sessions that connects people with themselves and others. Creating a supportive and energetic learning environment to connect and unlock the potential of participants.

Break-out sessions

Tap into the power of personal, group, team, and plenary reflection. Learn and develop in personalised ways while tapping into the wisdom of the crowd.

Transformational E-learning

No-nonsense “tutorial” videos and assignments that brings clarity into the complex, provides profound insights and brings people into action.

Real-time support

Get unstuck. By posting your questions to your peers, team and/or HOST experts into your exclusive Slack channel.

Flipping the classroom

Prep your audience with high-end content before or after they join a HOST intervention. Accelerate learning and development and facilitate ongoing transformational learning.

Community building

Create a self-improving community through by facilitating ongoing learning and development. Have community lead post HOST power questions and harvest new ideas and inspiration. Co-create and build new new knowledge.

Peer-to-peer learning

Create a peer-to-peer learning culture. Be your best teacher, create meaningful group dialogue and tap into complementary knowledge, networks, and skills.

Transparent feedback culture

Easy, joy-, and impactful feedback loops. To learn from your own and your peers best practices and brilliant failures.

Replay recordings

Missed a HOST coaching session? Not to worry, send in your power questions and get your question “answered” by the group.

Transformational storytelling

Video is a powerful tool to share your updates on your impact and results with your work environment. Through authentic storytelling you inspire, engage, empower, and mobilise your team, peers or key-stakeholders to transform.

HOST Engaging Global E-programs

World-class transformational global e-programs that provides the mindset, leadership
practices, business innovation skills, and the community for lifelong learning to
transform into the new.

Unique program for forward-thinking (informal) leaders eager to grow a culture for human-centered leadership, innovation and transformation on all levels.

Adopt the latest innovations to attract and retain A-team members, apply 4.0 business strategies and models while engaging and aligning with key-stakeholders.

Self-leadership is key to make anything work. Get professional guidance to reinvent yourself and create the purpose-driven work life that unlocks your potential and makes you thrive.

Create a culture of shared leading, learning and development through human- centered digital communications that grow authentic human connections and networks.

HOST In-person program

21st-century skill-development is key to keep your organisation up to speed.
Explore 5 of our most popular programs to tailor and iterate our
programs to your emerging needs.

Agile Mindset
Leadership Development



Illuminate your Transformational Purpose, Values & Story



Intercultural Collaboration,
Trust, Safety & Unconscious Bias



Entrepreneurship & Business Innovations



Why AI? Experiment & apply Artificial Intelligence



HOST Meaningful Online Certification

Lead transformational change. Multiple-choice, open power questions, Get AGILE quiz, and in-person interviews
to help you make change work. Build your portfolio, receive the visibility you deserve.
Get agile and create and seize new career and business opportunities.

HOST Foundation

Basis for pioneering leadership, organisational, learning and development professionals.

Adopt HOST DesignToolkit practices and skills to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, and organisations. Anytime and anywhere. Multiple-choice, Get agile! quiz, and open questions.

HOST Master

Train-the-trainer for pioneering leadership, organisational, learning and development professionals.

Adopt HOST DesignToolkit practices and skills to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, and organisations. Anytime and anywhere. Multiple-choice, Get agile! Quiz open questions, assignments, and interactive interview.

HOST for Leaders

Transformational coaching, facilitation, and consultancy Practices for forward-thinking leaders transforming teams and organisations.

HOST for Organisations

Accelerate transformation by certifying leaders, managers, team leads, product owners, and leadership-, organisational-, learning and development professionals. Grow human-centered leadership to drive transformational change throughout the organisation.


Getting to know HOST2Transform was inspiring and fun. They have a great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness, and playfulness amongst a group of people, providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation, and innovation within organisations, networks, and perhaps, whole societies!

Never before we’ve experienced writing our annual strategy report as fast after the HOST interventions. All board members aligned with ease on complex topics. The overall decision-making process was in flow, brought joy, and had a positive impact on the management team.

Saskia Jongma (The Netherlands)

Deputy director Sustainable Economic Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Transforming Finance & Societies

HOST helps Agile leaders and coaches to empower, learn and let go, and provides tools to establish sustainable and trusted teams from a cross-disciplinary group of professionals.

Working with the HOST concept and the toolkit was a true revelation. What I thought would be a set of soft exercises turned out to be simple, down-to-earth and highly impactful. Very useful for a corporate environment. The available exercises do not only make you smile, but more importantly generate valuable insights in the efforts required to transform yourself and your teams.

A simple 5 minute exercise reconfirmed the essence of connecting the mind and the body, while another one showed the importance of trust in yourself and in others and from others when you want to lead.

Dick Rüger (Global)

Executive and Leadership and Agile Coach,
Transformer and Facilitator
Transforming leadership and corporate culture

I think the best thing of HOST is the infinite information and possibility. I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises. They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with.

HOST has been an amazing launching path to build my own training company and created In-company programs. The practices enable me to get in touch with my own vulnerability that invites others to open up as well.

I found it a very easy coordination to select exercises to embrace my topic the “Power of Vulnerability”. I feel really excited about picking another topic, and I can choose another selection of exercises and it would be equally great. I think everyone new to the HOST should really do that, to understand what HOST actually means and what it’s capable of.

Marcelle Barges-Jans (USA & The Netherlands)

Corporate Consultant & Trainer Learning and
Development. Motivational workshop Facilitator.
Transforming the corporate culture.

Attended multiple sessions conducted by HOST2Transform, both the content of the workshop and the way it was conducted, was a welcome departure from the usual and very effective. The business innovation session about "Doing is the best form of thinking" was especially relevant. Her specialty is in breaking barriers among participants and also those within their minds.

Kranti M (India, Bangalore)

Exploring Agriculture and Agritech, Design
Entrepreneur, Mentor @ Google & IIMB
Transforming entrepreneurship & food industry.

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