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Make Change Work. Grow leadership on all levels.

You’re purpose-driven formal or informal leader driving change within an international, dynamic and complex work environment. We understand it can be extremely challenging to help leaders, individuals, teams and organisations transform, lead and thrive in our fast changing, uncertain and digital world. This program blends online learning with offline doing to strengthen your confidence, competences and global peer cross-industry networks to unlock your transformational leadership for change potential to grow human-centered leadership on all levels to make change work.

In Driving Real Transformation you work with your transformational case – a formal or informal – change initiative you’re driving in your organisation. You’ll be learn by doing with a close group of like-minded peers across industries. You’ll apply useful tools, frameworks and methods, prototype transformation in real-time, and get support from experts and coaches.


What you will learn

Create clarity around your transformational purpose through storytelling and help early adopters to translate the leadership, innovation and change into their own work environment. Without intrinsic motivation and engagement, change doesn’t work.

Create a human-centered leadership culture that stimulates (self) leadership on all levels. Adopt and grow agile mindsets, behaviours and cultures by creating (self) supportive, (self) learning and (self) leading work environment. Leverage your transformational impact by integrate digital communications in engaging, inspiring and meaningful ways.

Obtain your HOST for Leaders Certification by growing leadership on all levels and receiving your deserved visibility. Share your transformational story and inspire your peers across industries and the globe.

Obtain the key human-centered leadership competences to grow leadership on all levels.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

… lead with purpose: bring clarity, inspire, involve and engage your work environment to drive real
… transformation
… adopt and pass-on the AGILE mindset (it’s contagious!)
… create a culture of shared learning and embracing human-centered digital communication tools.
… scale your impact by working less hard with more flow, ease while embracing resistance.
… consistently build strategic relationships to work with like-minded drivers of transformation more
… grow leadership on all levels by building self-improving,-learning and -leading communities
    drivers of transformation.
… inspire your (work) environment how to unlock the potential of their peers. Through compelling
    and authentic storytelling.

Who participates

Who is this program for?

This program is for purpose-driven formal and informal leaders eager to drive real transformation through human-centered and shared leadership, learning and development. With an eye on wellbeing, ongoing innovation and inclusive collaboration.

With a focus on the traits of transformational leadership that are not contained to designated leaders and managers. It is geared toward driven professionals with an understanding of disruption, the big challenges in their industry, and a sense of how their organisation needs to transform. The most important criteria is a strong motivation to drive change and a clear transformation case.

Our typical participants are very diverse and include members of Leadership Teams, Heads of Departments, CEO, Learning and Development Professionals, Managers, Directors, Strategist and Consultants from across industries and the globe. Most participants are operating in international, complex and dynamic (VUCA) work environments.


What you’ll be doing

A world-class program to facilitates (host) ongoing transformation. The program can be joined in your own learning pace, level and time. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, for that reason we have chosen for the format to join 3, 6 or 12 months coaching cycles.

In your own time you can start your 3 month coaching cyclus for three-weekly personalised group coaching sessions, serendipitous networking and to organise mastermind groups. All coaching sessions take place on a 3-weekly basis, at 5 PM GTM+1 Amsterdam time, however, as we grow, overtime we’ll add extra time zones. We host break-out sessions for you to tap into the wisdom of the crowd as well as we make deep meaningful connections; meet new friends and colleagues for life.

Expect an average of around 3 hrs per week dedicated time to coaching and accomplishing the impact sheets. If you miss out on the personalised group coaching, make sure you do send in your questions 24 hrs on forehand, for you to watch the replays while we’re answering your questions.

The Host2Transform approach is different from traditional online learning. We combine hands-on practices in your workplace with an online shared learning environment to create an ongoing transformational learning experience that impacts your personal-, professional- and organisational leadership change practices and skills.


Tap into your leadership sweet spot

Module 1 - Unlock Your Potential

Class 1 Illuminate your transformational purpose
Class 2 Navigate and stretch your circle of influence
Class 3 Personal leadership practices to follow-through
Class 4 Get AGILE! reflection framework for 360 feedback.

Module 2 - Unlock the Potential within Your Work Environment

Class 1 Co-create your transformational business case
Class 2 Learning phases and styles to move beyond resistance
Class 3 Unlock your inner anthropologist (fieldwork)
Class 4 Strategic Relationship Building: Buy-in & Engagement (community of early adaptor change-agents)
Class 5 Prototype & test & pivot your intervention(s)
Class 6 Ongoing feedback loops
Class 7 Transformational Storytelling & Visualisation
Bonus: The HOST DesignToolkit

Module 3 - Scale your people-business-societal impact

Class 1 Webinars & Meetings
Class 2 Engaging Platforms
Class 3 Online Community Engagement
Class 4 How to work with break-out rooms and generate true connectivity.

HOST for Leaders Certification

An online “test” that exists out of multiple choice- and open questions, including an online interview with one of the partners of Host2Transform. The certification is based your know-how related to the “Global Next-Level Leadership Trend Guide 2019” to help you address todays most urgent people-business-societal challenges and place it on decision makers agenda’s. Also to get a “feel” with your experience and ideas related to the HOST practices, skills and designs (see the “HOST Guide” and “HOST Manifesto”) to humanise leadership on all levels and make change work.

Online assessment based on the HOST Manifesto and Global Next-Level-Leadership Report 2019: LIVE online Interview

Bonus 1 - HOST DesignToolkit

Lifetime access to over 50 online cutting-edge transformational leadership practices, skills and designs, continuously updated and validated across industries and (work) cultures, for you to integrate into your work practices and create the conditions to make change work. As a true HOST operating in a VUCA world you need to be(come) agile yourself to be adequately equipped to unlock the potential within leaders, individuals, teams, organisations and societies in blended, personalised and demand-based ways, anytime and anywhere. To sensibly balance your “role” as manager, coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker, educator and strategist/ consultant and humanise and grow leadership on all levels. Value: 1 997 p.p. lifetime access.

• HOST Practices (over 45 and growing)

Human energy
Openness to Engage
Shared Resources

• HOST Skills
Attitude to Transform

Scale your people, business and societal impact, adopt and unlock a growth mindsets, agile behaviors and human-centered (work) cultures

Design to Transform

Design your own training/program/workshop/intervention/ change practice to drive transformation

Reflect to Transform

(Non)-verbal methods to deeply reflect. Applicable in various work contexts empowering groups, teams and individuals.

Frame to Transform

Create clarity, move beyond “resistance” and jargon, create shared understanding.

Strategies to Transform

Scale your impact by building strategic and sustainable relationships

Storytell to Transform

Community and Culture through storytelling practices how to create, harvest and share stories.

• Plug & Play Intervention Designs

Design 1 – Innovating your meetings
Design 2 – Power Questions – Check-ins
Design 3 – Engaging continuous feedback loops

– Case stories
– Global NLL Report 2019
– HOST Manifesto
– Answer Fault


The Host2Transform Style

Transformational roadmap

Your transformational case is leading when creating your personalised learning journey that brings ownership, clarity and focus to guide you into the new.

The HOST Framework

We apply the HOST practices and tools to connect people with themselves and others, e.g. their work environment. Connecting beyond our internal and external boundaries. Connectivity within and amongst people doesn’t only prevent isolation, it also boosts wellbeing, ongoing innovation and inclusive collaboration and grows resilience and agility.

Be, do & learn

We have a holistic approach and reflect on the full person – character (be), behaviour (do) and improve (learn) – team and context to create change from the inside-out and outside-in to boost resilience and agility.

Global peer & expert networking

Together you can do it yourself. Tap into a world-class network of like-minded, purpose-driven pioneers in leadership-, learning and development. Serendipity guaranteed!


Shift system-centered leadership towards human-centered leadership. Gear between leadership roles (e.g. visionair, coach, facilitator, expert or manager) to provide the minimal structure for maximal freedom for (self)leadership, transformation and innovation.

Meaningful certification

Obtain your HOST for Leaders Certification while growing well-being, ongoing innovation and inclusive collaboration to scale people, business and societal impact. Share your story and create momentum for further engagement. Celebrate your deserved visibility.



What participants say:

“The Host2Transform brings agility, a nice buzzword nowadays, into practice. An excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees. Fantastic, effective and contemporary. Do not have other words for it!”

– Niek Vrielink, Learning & Development Human Capital Management Innovation. Transforming Human Resource Management.

“Getting to know Jessica was inspiring and fun. She has great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness and playfullness amongst a group of people. Thus providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation and innovation within organisations, networks and perhaps even whole societies!

Saskia Jongma – Deputy Director Sustainable Economical Development. Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Netherlands.

“Takeaways for today’s coaching session: 1. Choose curiosity over judgement. 2. Meet the person, not the position or the role. 3. Acknowledge the power of energy and how you influence this energy with (non)reactivity. Then the practical steps to introduce serendipity in the workplace: Create space to connect, with minimal structure for maximum value. Keep it simple. My aim is to grow these online network sessions for our global community of practitioners. We will practice and explore the potential of online learning and sharing with focus on experience over content. For example: share highlights, brilliant failures, best practices, landscape heroes, positive gossip, make it fun and valuable.”

– Katie Minderhoud – Knowledge Management and Learning Advisor at Solidaridad Europe

For Teams

A team/group/community Experience

Next to building intra-company networks with your peers from across industries and (work) cultures, it can also be key to strengthening your internal networks – e.g. cross-functional teams, global team or community members – and contribute to a supportive, learning and leadership work culture as a team. Something that can perhaps be challenging for one person to initiate.

Especially when you operate globally it can be interesting to join exclusive coaching session for your teams and truly connect beyond silos, departments, teams and (potential) limiting mindsets. Especially global team (agile) managers, cross functional product owners, heads of departments can benefit from the option to get connected.

Reach out for us by booking a meeting
Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything

The modules are divided in a series of trainings we call “classes”.
Every modules comes with impact sheets to get that what you learn into action right away, on your terms in personalised ways.

The videos provide you a core idea, theory, practice or message. Thanks to the comment field underneath each video you can engage in the topics, share your “ahaaas” and best practices to inspire you peers.

Next to world-class content we guide you in both your personal transformation and the transformation you unlock within individuals, teams and/or your organisation. We help you create your personal transformational roadmap to gain clarity on your progress and next steps. Also we provide you action-impact sheets to stay in the “learn by reflecting on doing” modes.

Coaching cycles is divided in a 3-weekly personalised coaching session: you send in your questions on forehand, and, with the H2T experts and your peers, we elaborate your perspective through our our holistic approach that enables you to find your best solutions and next steps. We champion vertical and exponential learning and keep you the owner of your learning journey. We are here to guide, nudge and “open up the blinds”.

Secondly we provide serendipitous connective networking. Based on 7 years experience, and also how Host2Transform came about, read the full story here, we find it crucial to provide a shared learning environment where you learn from your peers through informal networking. Because we work very “niche” and connect purpose-driven (in)formal leaders eager to drive real transformation by growing leadership on all levels, most of the participants we connect become friends and remain in contact for the rest of their lives! We always say: if the network “falls in love with each other”, we did the best job ever!

Thirdly we provide you a format with best practices how to organise mastermind sessions. This are sessions that are co-organised by its members itself and are only successful when members are committed, agree upon the “ground rules” of hosting these online sessions. When all basic elements are in place, it’s a true accelerator to lift its members to the next level. If things are not going as planned, you can always reach out for community support and we’ll help your mastermind group to get back on track!

We work with a continuous feedback loop. Based on your reviews, suggestions and ideas we update our academy 24/7.

Yes! The moment you subscribe, you get instant access to all trainings and content in your Mindvalley Library. Once you’ve signed up, please check your email inbox for your personalized login details.

When you subscribe you can join the upcoming coaching session schedule here.
If you can’t start directly, make sure you do start within 3 months from the moment of subscription. After 3 months you have the chance to join the online coaching and will expire after 6 months.

Since we work globally we try to include as many time-zones as possible in our scheduled timing 5PM GTM+1 Amsterdam time. The sessions last between an hour and hour and a half. Make sure you get consent from your manager, decision maker (if this is not you:)). If you’re based in Asia, these sessions may take place around midnight. The positive side is: you’ll blend in with the rest of the world. If we host separate sessions for Asia, this magic will be lost.

Of course the impact will be biggest if you can join most of the LIVE personalised coaching session. However, no worries if you can’t. You can always send in your questions 24 hrs on forehand and watch the replays. Also you have access to community and H2T expert support 24/7 as we’re eager to help you get unstuck anytime and anywhere.

The certification is based on both your know-how and impact. As we can only succeed in driving real transformation when we enable and empower you to do so in your own work environment (and beyond).

The assessment exists out of multiple choice, open questions and an interview. You can prepare for the certification once your read the HOST Guide, the manifesto and Global Next Level Leadership Report. If you don’t pass in once time, you get 2 more opportunities to resit the assessment.

We’ll provide you a hard and soft copy of your certification and you can add it on you linkedin profile to seize new career and/or business opportunities.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee if you hand-in impact sheets and your feedback. This equipes us to improve our program and refund your money directly, no questions asked.

By enrolling via our newsletter on the bottom of your website and uploading the documents on the website here you find the free host practices, skills, intervention designs and strategies.

Every organisation allocate their leadership- learning and development budget in different ways. Here you can download the Drive Real Transformation proposal to show the decision maker with your organisation. If you need additional information or clarity on the budget that could be turned to this program, contact us here:

Labeling of budgets we’ve seen so far are: leadership education, learning and development, enter- intrapreneurship, personal development or to be part of a mobility plan to obtain new skills and competences essential for successful outplacement.

We believe in the power of shared wisdom, the collective mind. We provide you online personal coaching in a group setting and when you send us personal question in the community, we can also answer these anytime. For us it’s key to get to the question behind the question as these topics can be of interest for the whole group.

If you want one-on-one leadership coaching only, than we’d advise you to check out the senior executive education program here. These programs are tailored to you personal leadership and transformational journey and to upskill your competences as a human-centered leader and seize (new) career or business opportunities. You can join with the executive team or individually.

No, this program is really tailored to the role of (informal) leaders and change makers. To improve or become a facilitator – a host of transformations – and pass on the HOST practices, skills, designs and certification within your organisation, as a training agency or as a freelancer, the Host2Transform Train-the-trainer program is worth to look into. Here you can obtain your Host2Transform practitioners, master certification and even grow with Host2Transform as an agency or freelancer, be(coming) part of our business ecosystem.

Yes, here you find the option to pay in 3-monthly terms for you or your team, it’s 20% more expensive since we provide you all the facilities before the full payment

Schedule a meeting or send us the additional questions to or in the chat box below.

Next to our core business to empower others to spread empowerment for positive change around them, we also partner to invest part of our abundant resources (knowledge, networks and skills) in social empowerment programs that care for inclusive entrepreneurship, sustainability and diversity. Delight Labs, the documentary Normal is Over, Workplace Pride and Woman in Artificial Intelligence are examples.

Also we provide scholarships to those who have the potential to be(come) great human-centered leaders purpose-driven to make change work.

This makes you not only investing in your own empowerment and that of your work environment and organisations, but also indirectly also in social programs. We champion systemic transformation, empowerment from the individuals to the global, and the other way around.

It’s world’s first manifesto that has designed 20 principles to humanise leadership and business to make change work. Sign the HOST Manifesto in your own unique way and help inspire the world to humanise leadership to make change work.”

Online                        € 2.997,- Local VAT/GST may apply

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