What is a clarity call?

A clarity call is a 1-hour free coaching session where we illuminate your current status, your objectives and your current challenges/obstacles that might block you from achieving it.

Why a clarity call?

To illuminate your exact needs. 9-out-of-10 people, teams or organisations don’t know what they truly need. We ask you the “question behind the question” to find the best matching program for your specific (emerging) needs. The call in itself is transformational. For us a great opportunity to get to know you and your biggest challenges taking the next step.

Why an application form?

To “manage” expectations and save you and ourselves time and energy. Our programs are not for everyone: they’re perceived as unconventional and require a curious do-ers attitude in order to transform into the new.

We’ve experienced it’s worth it to “pre-select” with whom we collaborate, it leads to our growing tribe of purpose-driven professionals and business-owners, eager to make-work-change and make-change-work.