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Shared purpose

You feel the urge to upskill your training, coaching and consultancy approach to respond to the new market needs for a blended human-centered leadership practices, designs and strategies. You share our purpose to grow human-centered leadership, innovation and transformation on all levels to make-work-change and make-change-work.

Dare to experiment

If you are serious about driving real transformation it’s incongruent to do more of the “same” and expect change to work. The HOST framework is a means to an end, a “springboard” for more leadership and change innovation. It gives you permission and confidence to unlock the potential within leaders, teams, and organisations by transforming mindsets, behaviours and cultures.

Connecting beyond boundaries

You’re eager to connect people with themselves and others, to lift each other to the next level, to connect people beyond our internal boundaries - limiting mindsets such as fears, cognitive bias, judgements, scepticism - and beyond external boundaries - teams, silos, departments, cultures, politics, organisations, industries and continents.

Your takeaways:

Your HOST to Transform

Jessica Tangelder - founder HOST Guide and consultant at Host2Transform.

  • I blend my multidisciplinary background as a MSc. organisational anthropologist, BA sociologist, applied improvisation theatre practitioner, MSc. international relations and business innovator, into my daily work.

  • My key expertise is in human-centered leadership development and scale-up business coaching. I’m pioneer, serial entrepreneur, global speaker and global citizen who, at the same time, doesn’t fit any box

    • Growing up in a “VUCA” household, living across the globe and working in intercultural ways has definitely grow my resilience and contributed to my agile life- and work style.

    • Working for the United Nations in NYC which was one of my pivotal moments realising that creating a real change starts with you and that there is no use in blaming “the system”.

    • At the age of 27 I lectured at various business universities in Europe and Asia and designed curriculum for business innovation studies where I combined (self) leadership and business development.

    • As a leadership- organisational culture consultant I provided HOST interventions in co-work spaces to transform work into a more human-centered experience. Co-workers from all walks of life connected with themselves and others, lifted each other to the next level and developed themselves on a personal, professional and business level. It was magic and in 2012 Host2Transform was born.

    • In the first year of Host2Transform I’ve certified over 155 HOST practitioners across the globe who represent forward-thinking organisations such as Google, Philips, Ashoka University India, ReShape Health Innovation School and International Business Innovation Studies (IBIS).

    • Today, I’m grateful to say that we as Host2Transform are continuously learning and developing as people, professionals and as as business ecosystem. We work location independent and are purpose-driven to make world’s most progressive cities, such as New York City, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Bangalore, our home-base.

What HOST Practitioners say

  • Dick Rüger The Netherlands, Agile and leadership transformer, facilitator and executive coach Cert. TIHR (Coaching). Transformational purpose: Agile and inclusive leadership development

    • Background:

      Dick has a wide intercultural background in the financial corporate sector, e.g. setting up ING Russia.Today he is active in executive coaching of talented middle- and higher management women taking their next career step in- or outside the company. To dare to change! Next to that, he trains agile teams and advices HR on agile leadership development coaching.

    • HOST experience:

      “HOST helps Agile leaders and coaches to empower, learn and let go and provides tools to establish sustainable and trusted teams from a cross-disciplinary group of professionals.”

      “Working with the HOST concept and the toolkit was a true revelation. What I thought would be a set of soft exercises turned out to be simple, own-to-earth and highly impactful. Very useful for a corporate environment. The available exercises do not only make you smile, but more importantly generate valuable insights in the efforts required to transform yourself and your teams.

      A simple 5 minute exercise reconfirmed the essence of connecting the mind and the body, while another one showed the importance of trust in yourself and in others and from others when you want to lead.

  • Adda van Zanden The Netherlands, corporate trainer, neuro-brain facilitator at LEF future center, executive coach at center for evolutionary learning, global speaker and speakers coach Transformational purpose: creating culture of growth mindset, collaboration and trust.

    • Background:

      Being an actress, joining theatre groups as Shakespeare’s Women, Adda combines theatre principles such as stage presence and storytelling in her speakers coaching and corporate training work.

    • HOST experience:

      "What I love about the HOST practice is the spontaneous way participants take on a positive attitude which makes them more flexible and supporting to their team.”

  • Marcelle Barges-Jans USA, Corporate Consultant & Trainer. Learning and Development. Motivational workshop Facilitator. Transformational purpose: Bringing the power of vulnerability into the Corporate Culture.

    • Background:

      After 10 years working as a leader in corporate life, Marcelle decided to turn the tables and to do what she wanted most which is helping leaders to transform the corporate culture by inspiring leaders and teams of the benefits of expressing their vulnerability as a tool for interpersonal empowerment and authentic leadership. She joined Host2Transform in 2017 and is continuously learning and developing to up-skill herself as a freelance consultant and trainer to influence more leaders while she is working on building her own programs.

    • HOST experience:

      “HOST has been an amazing launching path to build my own training company and create In-company programs. The practices enables me to get in touch with my own vulnerability that invites others to open up as well. The toolkit creates infinite possibilities. Its impact has a ripple effect and has definitely the potential to be introduced as “the new yoga!”

      What I love about providing HOST sessions is the incredible energy and the visible transformation that takes place during the sessions. The reason I joined HOST is that it’s a terrific platform for change and inspiration with a fully-loaded toolkit and like-minded motivational people. My purpose is to help people embrace their vulnerability as a way to unlock their true potential.

      I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises. They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with. I found it a very easy coordination to select exercises to embrace my topic (Power of Vulnerability in Corporates). I feel really excited about picking another topic, and I can choose another selection of exercises and it would be equally great. I think everyone new to HOST should really do that, to understand what Host2Transform actually means and what it’s capable of. I think the best thing of HOST is the infinite information and possibility.”

“In times of system change it’s our obligation to be responsive to organisations’ emerging needs and contribute to the rise of a human-centered “L&D” industry.”
- Jessica Tangelder, founder Host2Transform

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