Global HOST Certification

We offer contemporary, blended, and human-centered certification programs for
leadership-, organisational-, and learning & development professionals, change agencies,
and HR/L&D teams to help forward-thinking leaders, teams, and organisations
transform, lead and thrive into the new.

Choose the program that fits you or get in touch to let the admission team help
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Lifetime access to online, energetic future-proof learning and development education.

Unlock the potential within individuals,teams, organisations, and societies, to transform into the new.

NEW! HOST DesignToolkit and master certification to measure, make visible and grow your people, business, and societal impact in exponential ways.

Access personalised, online L&D and Business HOST Coaching Cycles, access Plug&Play HOST Designs, Master classes trending “change frameworks”, and much more.

Transformational coaching, facilitation, and consultancy practices for forward-thinking (informal) leaders and managers, transforming teams and organisations.

Accelerate transformation by certifying leaders, managers, team leads, product owners, and leadership-, organisational-, learning and development Professionals.

Grow human-centered leadership to drive transformational change throughout your organisation.