What is a HOST Partnership?

HOST partnership is a mutual agreement in which we help scale our shared people, business, and societal impact by “humanising leadership and business to make change work” grow, while tapping into win-win-win-win business opportunities. 

Note: preferably we partner with our ambassadors, HOST practitioners, who have first-hand experienced our services and are sharing the value of HOST from the heart.

Why partnering?

Together we grow the movement in finding human-centered approaches in how we lead, work, and drive business. Our Global trend report shows why this urgent (mental wellbeing, ongoing innovations, and inclusive collaboration are our key impact indicators) and moves beyond a “pretty” marketing story. Wellbeing and the survival of people, business, and societies are at stake.

Why an application form?

Speeding up the win-win-win-win matchmaking process to partner and to “get started before we’re ready” in our fast-changing and digital world.