How we Roll

Our Purpose (what)

Accelerating the shift from system-centered to human-centered ways in how we live, work, educate and lead. Humanising leadership and transforming industries by growing (self) leadership on all levels.

Global Urgency (why)

Today’s global trends – the burnout epidemic, slinking business life-cycles and increasing globalisation – show the urge to transform the system in how we live, work, educate and lead; for our metal sanity, business survival and our collective social responsibility.

Global Opportunities (why)

There is a growing demand for change, for
new leadership in- and outside businesses.

For Whom (our tribe)

We help purpose-driven global leaders, teams, organisations and pioneers in leadership- and organisational development who are purpose-driven to empower themselves to unlock the potential within their work environment, anytime, anywhere.

H2T Mission 2025 (what)

World’s springboard for human-centered leadership innovation to humanise leadership and business by growing (self) leadership on all levels, across industries, (work) cultures and the globe.

To scale people, business and societal impact – empowerment for change.

Method (how)

HOST helps making the shift happen by humanising leadership and business.

Human energy (vitality and flow)
Openness to engage (meaning and
new perspectives)
Shared resources (complementary knowledge,
networks and skills)
Transformation (potential within individuals,
teams, organisations and societies).

Metrics (ROI)

We help make the invisible visible through inside-out and outside-in change. We aim to overdeliver, to exceed the expected return on investment. Growing human-centered cultures for transformation that fosters purpose, consciousness, resilience and agility to scale people-business-societal empowerment.

Our DNA (team)
  • Purpose-driven
  • Experience-experts
  • Unconventional
  • Humble
  • Bright
  • Witty
  • Idealistic-realistic
  • Radical honest
  • Imperfect
  • Agile
  • Yes-and!
  • Connectors
  • Systemic- and designer thinkers
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Cross-industry
  • Strategic
  • Result- and impact driven.