“Our belief is that the new generation of leadership will be measured by how many leaders they create” – John Hagel.

If you are interested to know how the famed multinational corporation Deloitte challenges CEO’s to redesign their work environment to scale opportunities, this episode is for you.

My guest is John Hagel (@johnhagel), the co-chairman for Deloitte US Center for the Edge (@C4Edge), the author of The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion, and frequent speaker for the Singularity University. He lives north from my favourite city San Francisco, in Tiburon, California.

We talk about what should be on the CEO’s agenda while dealing with a rapidly changing world, the urge to shift from scaling efficiency to scaling opportunity, moving from ‘sprint’ culture to a culture that unlocks human potential, the benefits of technology such as virtual platforms, and much more.

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Show notes

[2:52] Interview starts, Jessica talks about how she met John at the Singularity University Conference

[4:10] “This is a really beautiful conference, but in the end, we shouldn’t forget we are human beings and that’s the core of the issue…”

[4:22] John talks about the 2014 Singularity University Conference and his panel

[4:33] “… as human beings we have a need for connection with each other, and we accomplish a lot more if we can connect we one another”

[5:18] “Because of technology, there is less of a human capital exchange” John discusses this touchy subject

[6:34] Jessica asks John about the Centre for the Edge and his book. She asks him why he does what she does

[6:53] “There is one constant in my career life…and that’s to follow your passion”

[7:55] John talks about how he got his opportunity at Deloitte

[8:42] John talks about mindset and why we need to shift away from scalable efficiency

[11:50] John talks about multiple methods and approaches to use in the workplace

[12:58] “The zoom out, zoom in, approach to strategy” John talks about the Silicon Valley approach

[15:29] “My belief is that all of us as human beings want to be creative”

[15:59] “The public school system was explicitly designed to take children who had enormous passion, curiosity and imagination and teach them how to follow orders”

[16:49] John talks about why companies should embrace failure to create success

[19:55] I ask John about the dialogue about the internal connect and how that affects others

[21:22] John talks about focusing on the needs of the individual and breaking away from scalable efficiency – he talks about how we need to move to learning environment

[24:00] Jessica asks John about his book, The Power of Pull

[24:34] John is talking about how he is using the strategies in his book at The Centre for the Edge

[26:00] Jessica asks John what should be on the CEO’s agenda

[26:09] John talks about work environment redesign and applying design thinking to ourselves and our work environments

[28:58] John talks about a LiveOps case study on good workplace design and peer-to-peer learning

[30:30] Jessica talks about the H.O.S.T. method

[32:35] Jessica asks John how he perceives transformation

[33:01] “Our belief is to be successful in this big shift, we ultimately will have to transform our organizations in fundamental ways”

[35:35] John talks about connecting people with leadership qualities with one another and how to find those people

[37:07] “The mark of a strong leader is the one who has the best questions”

[39:16] “our belief is that the new generation of leadership will be measured by how many leaders they create”

[42:00] John talks about how our demanding workplace creates more fear and less innovation

[45:37] “All of us as human beings need to be more connected to our passions”

[47:32] Do organizations give people that free space to explore?

[48:03] “Passion is connecting with something that really motivates you”

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