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We design and innovate human-interaction for transformative learning experiences.
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Transformational Keynotes

On world’s most challenging topics that inspires people, businesses, and societies to transform into the new.

Jessica’s keynote brought theory to life. It was the perfect blend of trends, applicable theories, reflecion, and (inter)action!

- Participant Health Innovation School, Radboud University Nijmegen.
Rocket science and high IQ’s is no longer the key for companies to succeed. Unlimited mindsets, agile behaviours that foster cultures for transformation are. How to design a culture for transformation?

We’re equipped to deliver personalised and transformative keynotes: innovative learning experiences that guide people, teams, companies, and societies to transform, thrive, and lead into the new.

Examples where our clients were pondering upon:

We’re specialised to work with unconventional, next-level, and cutting-edge events and organisations pioneering and merging tech, business, innovation, and social. Book a meeting to explore further opportunities.

Transformational (Work) Spaces

The 20 minute for-the-lunch-break HOST sessions are perceived as “a fitness for the mind and network” to accelerate personal, professional and business innovation.

It boosts a uplifting co-work moral, moves beyond bias and disconnect, naturally speeds up onboarding by making people feel “at home” and part of the growing ecosystem.

HOST is a part of the daily processes in our cowork space culture which is needed to maximize serendipitous encounters, knowledge share, and collaboration to come to personal, professional and business transformations. Since our mindset and network is the drive behind our "success" in business and life, HOST has taken a valuable spot on our co-work location.

- Felix Lepoutre, former owner of Meetberlage Amsterdam.

Growing uplifting global co-work cultures

Global collaboration is on the rise as people from all walks of life, culture and education working in one space. As a fast-changing organisation you don’t have time for long lasting team-building, and you rather move directly beyond the surface - the mindsets, behaviours and cultural values - to boost an uplifting co-work moral, collaboration and synergy.

In essence we’re all wired similar ways and need connectivity in our lives to keep ourselves mentally “sain”, upskill our 21st-century soft-skills to collaborate with more ease, alignment and flow, and innovate the business, or organisation you work for.

What participants say:

Transformative learning experiences that grow:

Check out this video what Deepak (global entrepreneur) says:

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Transformational Events

We help turn your event into a vibrant ecosystem

I attended a session conducted by Jessica at Construkt Festival in Bangalore. Her session was by far the best session in the fest. She motivates people to network and approach fellow attendees without fear. The fest became a better place after her session. I would love to attend another session of her.

- Gaurav Oswal - Chief Marketing officer & Co-founder Fun Sports, India.

Scale the impact of your event

We provide interactive network sessions at cutting-edge conferences, to unlock HOST: Human energy, Openness to engage, Sharing resources, personal, professional, and business Transformation.

Generating relevant encounters, serendipity, between people that are less likely to open -up to one and the others, or less like to meet, is today’s new “gold” in a world that changes rapidly, where focus, pause, and attention becomes one of our most scarce goods.

Connect beyond the chit-chat

Meeting someone is the first step, but how can you make sure that this encounter becomes truly life changing? How do you move beyond chit-chat, or judgements, and help make the conversation naturally, meaningful, and joyful?
New! “Pop-up” transformative spaces at your events connect people instantly and boosts your growing ecosystem. We’re partnering with AI initiatives to visualise our impact and create awareness how to co-work in human-centered ways to grow people, business, and societal impact.

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