Our Story

Our Story

What started out as 20 minutes Host2Transform – “fitness for the mind and networkhosted by Jessica Tangelder in 2012 in a co-work space in Amsterdam the Netherlands, today has turned into today’s world-class HOST certification program and blended learning signature programs to help human-centered leadership grow by creating the human conditions – mindset, behaviour and culture – to innovate and make change work.

Her assumption for the need for more connectivity in the workplace got immediately ratified as she got request from across the country to provide HOST sessions and to develop a train-the-trainer program for her peers to contribute to the future of work, education and leadership across industries and the globe. In less than one year Jessica had certified over 155 HOST practitioners and was global news.

Unlocking Human energy, Openness to engage and Shared resources that leads into an agile and resilient culture for Transformation (HOST) should be at the heart of any organisation or business, to unlock shared leadership and upskill (informal and formal) leaders, teams and organisations to become “future-proof” to transform, lead and thrive in rapidly changing, complex and digital work environments.

To make the HOST practices and skills accessible and applicable for anyone, anywhere, anytime, we’ve created the HOST Guide you can access for free here.

March 2019 Jessica and her team launch the H2T agency with the aim to humanise leadership and business across industries and the globe.

Systemic worldview
Jessica’s interdisciplinary background in Sociology, Organisational Anthropology, International Relations and Entrepreneurship and her broad international experience working for e.g. the United Nations in New York City, as a business lecture for private universities, trainer in improvisation theatre and leadership and business coach for tech start-ups and scale-ups in India, gave her a systemic-worldview that helps her translate complex global challenges into sustainable hands-on opportunities.

Today she is travelling and cooperating with like-minds in worlds most progressive cities to scale their impact.

Future-proof leadership is human-centered Leadership
During her broad international work experience, Jessica discovered that regardingless how money-driven or purpose-driven an organisation is, in all cases, it’s success is determined by the degree of human-centered leadership that encourages talent development, experiential learning and self improvement that leads to more wellbeing, innovation and inclusive collaboration.

When an organisations leadership is merely system-centered oriented, often employee engagement is lacking, mission statements are not lived, there is talent-drain and doesn’t help the organisation to be(come) future-proof and might go bankrupt.

Jessica created the first “HOST” session on the spot based on her personal need for personal-, professional- and business connectivity. Often the potential of people and an organisation are neglected because leaders do not know how or are not aware of the value of growing a human-centered leadership culture for transformation that is supportive, leading and learning.

An app that enables to give easy and fast feedback to teammates or matches you with your peers across the organisation, is not a substitute for true human connectivity. Isolation in the workplace (Harvard Business Report), burnout and the depression epidemic (World Health Organisation) is evidence that the current way in how we work, live, educate and lead, disconnect us from the self, others and our (work) environment, and even more so, dehumanises us.

If tech and our intellect could solve our global challenge for ‘disconnection’, it would have already been done. This challenge is not rocket science, but requires an increase in our personal and collective consciousness to be(come) the best version of yourselves.

Global urge for change
Global trends show that today’s VUCA – velocity, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – world leads to a high burn-/bore-out and depression rates, slinking business-cycles and globalisation.

To help you address the urge for change; the global challenges in your (work) environment, we have created the free Global Trends Leadership Development Report 2019, that highlights accurate studies and trends, across sectors, that urges for a human (leadership) approach for people, business and societies to become future-proof and to prosper.

Global opportunity for change

Next to awareness we also like to address the opportunities what we could do, to make a difference.

Next to applying the HOST practices, you could also sign up for one of our next-level leadership programs, and let us empower to unlock the potential within your work environment, on your own terms in a personalised way, with minimal structure and maximal leadership, innovation and change that serves you and your work environment in continuous ways, and host (you) to transform.

If you need some external “intervention”, we can always tailor our program for your team’s purpose and have our HOST team present to support you.

Before you sign up for any program, make sure you understand how we are “wired” and operate, to make sure we can deliver beyond your expectations and we collaborate with ease, joy and scalable people, business and societal impact.

Read how we roll.

Growing the HOST Business Ecosystem
Scaling People, Business, Societal Impact
Sharing a purpose is wonderful, however, often not very sustainable and enduring. Therefore we are creating a shared mission, concrete business objectives that we like to accomplish in order to spread people, business and societal impact.

We are creating a business ecosystem not to only reward pioneers of the future of work, leadership and education experiencing humbleness, flow and self-fulfillment, but also by creating extra income, next to their (freelance) careers or business, collaborating with us in achieving (and pivoting) the objectives over time.
Here our mission statement.

If you like to support our shared purpose and/or mission on your own terms, if it’s by joining our program or not, read, give your feedback and sign the HOST Manifesto here to inspire the world to redesign and humanise leadership to make change work.

Video: The story behind Host2Transform by Jessica Tangelder (founder Host2Transform).