Meet our Team,
Board & Partners

If you want to go quicklygo alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Over 50 years shared experience in organisational culture design, leadership development, blended learning solutions, strategy, business development, and change implementation collaborating with forward-thinking organisations operating in fast-changing, complex, and digital work environments.

Our transformative, personalised, and blended learning approach leads to sustainable decision-making
and scalable people, business, and societal impact.

Global Team

César Mulet Andrés (Spain)

Business Development &

Federico Trevia (Italy)

Graphic Design

Bridget Shelton (USA)

Business Community &
Communication Development

Erik-Jan ten Broeke (Netherlands)

Sales and partnership

Paras Latawa (India)

PS Soft Group Agency
Web Development

Jessica Tangelder (Netherlands)

Founder, CEO, Leadership, Business, Change Consultant. Host of HOST2Transform Talks

Milutin Rakovic (Serbia)

Graphic Design


We combine forces to scale human-centered leadership and business to transform into the new and help scale
people, business, and societal impact. Meet our partners; our win-win-win-win collaborations!


We empower HOST certified practitioners, change agencies, and change frameworks to grow human-centered leadership and business to transform corporate cultures and industries by innovating the “learning & development” industry.

HOST Certified Practitioners

I partner with HOST because I believe in their organic, open, and human-centered approach.

HOST is a renewed concept that looks beyond the standard elements of change. With HOST you can become a true and authentic leader to help people, teams, organisation and society to transform in an agile and sustainable way. The diversity of tools, trainings, insights and coaching that HOST offers makes it a tailored made and flexible program that caters for your specific needs”

Dick Rüger (Global)

Executive and Leadership and Agile Coach,
Transformer and Facilitator.
Transforming leadership and corporate culture.
HOST Certified practitioner.

What I love about providing H2T sessions is the spontaneous way participants take on a positive attitude which makes them more flexible and supporting to their team.

The reason I partner up with H2T is that I want to work with like-minded people to create a positive impact on sustainable decision making capacities and innovativeness, which embraces individual and collective wellbeing. My purpose is to create flourishing organisations with a culture of growth mindset and an atmosphere of collaboration and trust.

Adda van Zanden

Over ten years experience as corporate trainer, neuro-brain facilitator, executive coach, global speaker and speakers coach.
Transforming organisational culture.
HOST Certified practitioner

Change Agencies
Change Frameworks


We partner with events, conferences and festivals, who are open to explore how to integrate human-centered
leadership in next-level tech, innovations, and business

Cowork & -living spaces

Business education

We integrate human-centered leadership into the curriculum of next-generation leaders and
business (wo)men. Together we create the future of business.

Tech to connect

Inclusive Business Communities

Social Empowerment Programs