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How HOST helps to unlock the potential within leaders, teams, and organisations to transform, lead, and thrive in rapidly changing and digital work environments.

With HOST2Transform Jessica has developed and brought together very interesting change approaches and tools that are very useful for different target groups like executives, managers, trainers, facilitators, consultants and coaches. They can apply these tools in flexible ways in their own practice. The international oriented business and people approach is making H2T an attractive partner for all your change programs. Jessica and her colleagues from all over the globe are wonderful guides in these programs and a great source of inspiration.

I appreciate very much the intense and passionate style of Jessica. Her way of working is making a lot of positive personal impact on people.

It supports effectively the transformation of the people participating in her programs to a next level. Jessica knows how to create personal experiences that really help you to grow."

Marjolein Maree

Marjolein has over 20 years’ experience in designing corporate global leadership train-the-trainer programs. She is a Global Management consultant, facilitator, trainer, and executive coach Transforming leadership and corporate culture. HOST board member.

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HOST for Organisations

Consultancy 4.0 for forward-thinking organisations
operating in fast-changing, digital, and challenging environments.

Getting to know HOST2Transform was inspiring and fun. They have a great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness, and playfulness amongst a group of people, providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation, and innovation within organisations, networks, and perhaps, whole societies!

Never before we’ve experienced writing our annual strategy report as fast after the HOST interventions. All board members aligned with ease on complex topics. The overall decision-making process was in flow, brought joy, and had a positive impact on the management team.

Saskia Jongma

Deputy director Sustainable Economic Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Transforming Finance & Societies

Attended multiple sessions conducted by HOST2Transform, both the content of the workshop and the way it was conducted, was a welcome departure from the unusual and very effective. The business innovation session about "Doing is the best form of thinking" was especially relevant. HOST’s specialty is in breaking barriers among participants and also those within their minds.

Kranti M

Design Entrepreneur, Mentor @ Google & IIMB
Transforming entrepreneurship & the food industry.

HOST2Transform brings agility, a nice buzzword nowadays, into practice. An excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees. Fantastic, effective. Do not have other words for it!

Niek Vrielink

Learning & Development Human
Capital Management Innovation
Transforming Human Resource Management

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I like the positive mindset it brings. Not to sit around the problem but accept it as it as and move forward.

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Having fun while having teams strategise and achieve business goals in shared leadership ways.

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Move beyond the awkwardness of meeting new team members, accelerate onboarding process, create dialogue, and rapid feedback.

HOST for Executives &

Forward-thinking senior executives, i.e. VP’s, C-suite level,
and co-founders, purpose-driven to up-skill themselves to unlock the potential
within their rapidly changing and digital work environment.

Never have experienced in my life that you can go into the depth of your working experience and feelings within hardly 2 hours.

HOST manages to bring you slightly off balance, reason why you start having another perception of yourself and your fellow- Trainees. Their skills and enthusiasm effectively have an empowering and positively challenging impact on your professional and private personality both. Great!

Eduard van Zuijlen

Economist, philosopher, mayor, executive coach
Transforming business and societies

When we try to connect tech start-ups we try to connect them on skills, HOST connects them on human level that last longer than skill-based transactional associations.

We want our employees and myself to be trained to be better facilitator as our work environment is changing rapidly and helps with onboarding, developing, and retaining new talent in fast and effective ways. People joined from all over the world, from Europe, India, the US, this shows HOST is human-centred and not region specific or industry based.

HOST moves beyond the typical “once-a-year” team building exercises as it integrated connectivity as part of people’s work.

Tej Pochiraju

Director Jaaga Tech, Bangalore. Transforming tech start-up work environments

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Never have experienced in my life that with 2 hours you go into the depth of your working experience and feelings within hardly 2 hours.

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People joined from all over the world, from Europe, India, the US, this shows HOST is human-centred and not region specific or industry based.

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HOST enables me to balance-out technology, process, and people, primarily based on my talent to connect and host people not merely based on my expertise in ICT.

HOST for Leaders

forward-thinking leaders i.e. informal leaders, product owners, heads of departments,
middle management, influencers, innovators, and team leads purpose-driven to help individuals, teams,
and fast-changing organisations transform, lead, and thrive in rapidly changing and digital environments.

Takeaways for today’s session: 1. Choose curiosity over judgement. 2. Meet the person, not the position or the role. 3. Acknowledge the power of energy and how you influence this energy with (non)reactivity.

Then the practical steps to introduce serendipity in the workplace: Create space to connect, with minimal structure for maximum value. Keep it simple. My aim is to grow these network sessions for a community of practitioners. We will practice and explore the potential of online learning and sharing with focus on experience over content. For example: share highlights, brilliant failures, best practices, landscape heroes, positive gossip, make it fun and valuable.

Katie Minderhout

Knowledge management and learning advisor at Solidaridad Europe. Transforming business and societies

I find the exercises of Host2Transform very helpful to create an open space to co-create. The online community platform supports me as facilitator by giving examples in videos, inspiration and suggestions by Jessica and other community members. This saves me tremendous money, time and energy, not reinventing the wheel.

HOST enables me to welcome people and create a safe work environment. It enables to connect my expertise in ICT with my talent connecting people with themselves and their work environment.

John Schmeitz

Senior interim manager and organisational expert Transforming leadership in health-care

The Host2Transform brings agility, a nice buzzword nowadays, into practice. An excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees. Contemporary, powerful, fantastic, and effective; do not have other words for it!

Niek Vrielink

Learning & Development Human
Capital Management Innovation
Transforming Human Resource Management

HOST for Organisational
& Change professionals

i.e. for coaches, designers, innovators, trainers, HR experts, and change consultants.
Experienced and emerging leadership-, organisational-, learning development professionals purpose-driven
to truly help leaders, teams, and organisations transform, lead, and thrive into the new.

HOST helps Agile leaders and coaches to empower, learn and let go, and provides tools to establish sustainable and trusted teams from a cross-disciplinary group of professionals. Working with the HOST concept and the toolkit was a true revelation. What I thought would be a set of soft exercises turned out to be simple, down-to-earth and highly impactful. Very useful for a corporate environment. The available exercises do not only make you smile, but more importantly generate valuable insights in the efforts required to transform yourself and your teams.

A simple 5 minute exercise reconfirmed the essence of connecting the mind and the body, while another one showed the importance of trust in yourself and in others and from others when you want to lead.

Dick Rüger (Global)

Certified Executive and Leadership and Agile Coach,
Transformer and team Facilitator
Transforming leadership and corporate culture
HOST practitioner and partner.

Besides the inspiring HOST coaching method, I find the support of Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful. For me, the knowledge about marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the HOST community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and knowledge about opening the potential of many people.

John Jong

Transformation Coach& former Rocket Scientist
Transforming Leadership

HOST has been an amazing launching path to build my own training company and created In-company programs. The practices enables me to get in touch with my own vulnerability that invites others to open up as well.

I think the best thing of HOST is the infinite information and possibility. I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises. They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with.

I found it a very easy coordination to select exercises to embrace my topic the “Power of Vulnerability”. I feel really excited about picking another topic, and I can choose another selection of exercises and it would be equally great. I think everyone new to the HOST should really do that, to understand what HOST actually means and what it’s capable of.

Marcelle Barges-Jans

Corporate Consultant & Trainer Learning and
Development. Motivational workshop Facilitator.
Transforming the corporate culture.

I really enjoyed the HOST2Transform training and method! Within a short time it made me really made me think and reflect on the way people develop learn and lead. Specifically, it helped me to intuitively grasp the core concepts of Theory U (which I have been struggling to understand for quite a while). And it changed the way I use role plays in my work as a trainer: instead of letting participants 'perform a trick', I now challenge them to 'own' their new skill and employ it in their own unique way. Thanks for these insights!

Coen Bavinck

Human Resource Expert at consultant agency HRD Group.
Transforming human resource management.

HOST makes me enthusiastic about HR again! It’s not about playing a different rol, but this is me, my new way of working. I feel confident to advice organisations in the traditional or transformative HR way.

Ellis Haring

HR interim manager
HR Business Partner Flamco
Transforming Human resources

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If I would have known about these tools in my corporate life as a manager!

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This tool helps you to overcome scepticism and judgement

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It’s low threshold, you don't to spend weeks of training to apply it.

HOST for Forward-thinking
Change Agencies & Partners

I partner with HOST because I believe in their organic, open, and human-centered approach.

HOST is a renewed concept that looks beyond the standard elements of change. With HOST you can become a true and authentic leader to help people, teams, organisation and society to transform in an agile and sustainable way. The diversity of tools, trainings, insights and coaching that HOST offers makes it a tailored made and flexible program that caters for your specific needs.

Dick Rüger (Global)

Leadership & Executive Coach
Agile Leadership Coach / Team Facilitator
Transforming leadership and corporate culture.
HOST practitioner and partner

What I love about providing H2T sessions is the spontaneous way participants take on a positive attitude which makes them more flexible and supporting to their team.

The reason I partner up with H2T is that I want to work with like-minded people to create a positive impact on sustainable decision making capacities and innovativeness, which embraces individual and collective wellbeing. My purpose is to create flourishing organisations with a culture of growth mindset and an atmosphere of collaboration and trust.

Adda van Zanden

Over ten years experience as corporate trainer, neuro-brain facilitator, executive coach, global speaker and speakers coach. Transforming organisational culture.HOST practitioner and partner

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