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Six key reasons why and when
to partner with HOST2transform.

Your global partner in
sustainable transformation

We combine over 60 years of expertise in international consulting, coaching, and training. We are specialized in continuous virtual and blended, human-centered leadership development, organizational, and cultural transformation. We anticipate day-to-day workplace challenges collaborating with forward-thinking leaders, managers, teams, businesses, and societies.

Lead beyond the trends -
lead with people

The HOST approach brings human-centered leadership to transform people, business, and society towards a sustainable future for all. It is an independent approach co-created by the people – the members of the HOST movement. Its multidisciplinary roots build on best practices in science, arts, tech, spirituality, and business.

We believe successful transformation starts with building a human-centered leadership culture. To host transformation by engaging and co-creating with the people, all key stakeholders in the field.

Multilevel solutions for
multilevel challenges

Immersing ourselves in your “VUCA” work environment is key to being able to illuminate the real challenge and to building shared ownership for tailored solutions.

We provide a mix of human-centered consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training augmented by modern tech to host sustainable transformation, starting with people.

Our (Dutch) DNA - Equity, entrepreneurship and purpose

We operate globally and regionally while we’re strongly rooted in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Known as one of the most multicultural cities and progressive countries, when it comes to how we organize the workplace and lead.

Invests in the New Economy

Next to our HOST Solutions, we invest our skills and expertise in purpose-driven start-ups that are KPI-driven and SDG-aligned. Together we scale our transformational impact.

Premium solutions delivery
accessible for all

People working in harmony with themselves and others inevitably improve their performance.

Good news! The HOST platform is equipped to enable all humans in your organization – from the top to bottom-up.

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Multilevel solutions for multilevel challenges
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