HOST approach -
Lead with people

Human-centered leadership to
drive sustainable transformation

Repeatedly, we see change frameworks and methods become a goal on it self: the whole organization gets certified to guarantee change. We believe maximum resilience and agility of people, teams, and organizations to thrive in an increasingly complex, global, and digital world, lies in the art of including people in their change process itself.  To enable them to become their own best ‘tool’ for change by internalising a mindset, behaviour, and culture for transformation.

With HOST we provide minimum guidelines for maximum freedom, innovation, and
to drive sustainable transformation by leading with people.

HOST is a way of working, an independent approach that is co-created by the people – its practitioners and participants. Its multidisciplinary nature is rooted in science, arts, tech, spirituality, and business. We complement and leverage the impact of existing approaches and ways of work, such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Holacracy, and Design thinking. We meet the person, team, or organization where they are to be of best value.


Virtual & blended

We believe that enabling people, teams, and organizations to take ownership of their own transformation is key for sustainable change. To become well-rounded and co-create and become their own ‘tool’ for change. Competent to positively influence mindsets, behaviours, and (work) cultures. A 21st-century skill that determines organizations’ future-readiness.

We aim to make every intervention an engaging, experiential, and transformative learning experience – whether online or offline. Regionally and globally to leverage, fasten, and scale impact and performance.

Personalized & flexible

Continuous leadership on all levels

We meet people, teams, and organizations where they are at and involve them in their own learning journey. With us, context is always prior to content, tools, and methods.

We connect people with their purpose and help stretch their circle of influence to drive sustainable change for improved performances.

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HOST captures the most powerful link in the workplace and that’s the people.

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