Multilevel solutions for
multilevel challenges

Todays multilevel workplace challenges

70% of today’s organizations are not sure if their leaders have the ability to lead their organization into the future. Meeting today’s multilevel workplace challenges requires a new standard in leadership and transformation. 

Workplace exhaustion

Disengaged employees

Change is constant

PEOPLE – Burnout is number 1 work disease in most countries and costs employers $70,000 based on 242 days per case, and costs society billions per year.

PEOPLE – 67% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged. Companies with lower engagement scores had an operating income that was 32.7% lower than those with higher scores.

BUSINESS – Innovation is no longer a choice: 40% of current Fortune-500 companies will no longer exist in 2025. 

Talent loss

Failing digital transformation

Business as usual harms us all

BUSINESS – On average people change their job every 2 years and are looking for meaningful work and life. Average annual worldwide turnover rate is 10,9% per year, costs $241,250 per event.

BUSINESS – 70% of digital transformation, a $2,3 trillion industry by 2023, fails.

SOCIETY – Living in a fast changing interconnected world while rebuilding our economy and designing our future is the challenge of our time.

HOST Multilevel Solutions

At HOST2Transform we approach the multilevel, interconnected workplace challenges with multilevel solutions: a mix of modern human-centered ways of leadership consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training rooted in multiple disciplines such as science, arts, spirituality, tech, and business. 

Below you find our multilevel offering for organizations, teams, leaders/managers,
consultants, and consultancy firms


    Thrive and seize meaningful opportunities in our VUCA world.
    Choose your HOST journey for your personal, professional, and/or business transformation.

    Apply for HOST Premium joined by forward-thinking and seasoned consultants, leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the world, purpose-driven to scale their transformational impact.

    Tap into peer learning opportunities while you experience and experiment to transform people, business, and society in new ways.

    Contribute to the New Economy while you seize meaningful career, business, and partnership opportunities.

    The unknown is often scary and when you get stuck in your mind, dealing with it by yourself, it becomes extremely challenging.

    We help guide you to become your own tool for change and lead with people. To create a life, career, or grow your business in alignment with who you are and meant to be.

    Our holistic and systemic approach for inside-out and outside-in change is practical, powerful, and enjoyable. In our experience, transformation comes hand in hand with a good laugh!

    Teams & Organizations

    The HOST business services, tailored and stand-alone, virtual and blended,
    to drive sustainable organizational transformation.

    The HOST Faculty of well-rounded and experienced consultants and interim managers helps you with advice, strategy, and implementation on leadership (culture) for sustainable change, innovation, and transformation.

    Inside-out and outside-in change for board members, executives, and senior management who directly impact hundreds of people by building human-centered organizational culture for transformation.

    Tailored and stand-alone, virtual and blended experiential learning modalities for human-centered leadership to upskill at an individual, team, and organizational level.

    Upskill early adopter leaders to train their work environment to accelerate learning to foster a human-centered leadership culture for sustainable transformation.

    For effective, engaging, and self-improving team collaboration. For forward-thinking leadership and cross-functional agile teams or groups/cohorts.

    Design your own program 100% tailored to your specific context.

    Consultancy agencies & firms

    Your expertise lies in ICT or organizational or digital transformation? Ours is in human-centered leadership creating an organizational culture for sustainable transformation. Are you looking for service-delivery partners or a platform to scale our transformational impact while keeping your focus on your expertise? We’re happy to get in touch and explore ways to mutually reinforce our best value.

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