Dutch DNA -
Modern, open minded
& multicultural

Todays multilevel workplace challenges

We operate globally and are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Known as one of the most multicultural cities and progressive countries when it comes to how we organize
the workplace that honors;

  • bottom-up co-creation by including the voice of the people through flat organizational structure. 
  • freedom of employees through flexible working hours and location. 
  • inclusion of gender,
    LGBTQ+, ethnic, generations, disciplines, ideas, and perspectives.

  • entrepreneurial: innovative, down-to-earth, and pragmatic attitude.

Highly diverse team that
practices human-centered leadership

HOST is (em)powered by our diverse team of talent. We’re all practitioners of fast changing workplace challenges, the complex, global, and digital world we live in. We’re taking our ‘medicine’ all the time which makes our approach non-nonsense and highly impactful.

We select well-rounded team members based on high-integrity, intelligence, initiative, and values. Our team members live HOST’s core-values of inclusivity (openness for multiple perspectives), are entrepreneurial (curious and non-judgemental), and pursue the purpose to become part of the solution to help humanize the workplace for sustainable change (intrinsic motivation). Interested to join our team? Check out the vacancies here.

Well-rounded, diverse, global team. 
Taking our own medicine – all the time

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