The HOST2Transform Style

Transforming into the new

We offer blended, unconventional and impactful global programs, workshop series, consultancy and ‘keynotes’ to help drive real transformation with ease, joy and scalable people, business and societal impact.



We grow human-centered leadership on all levels. By transforming mindsets, behaviours and leadership cultures we create the conditions to make change work.

Young & wise

We’re 7 years young with 50 years of wisdom, expertise and hands-on experience in the areas of leadership, transformation and business Innovation. We help grow global company cultures foster wellbeing, purpose, inclusion, entrepreneurship and ongoing innovation.

Future-proof L&D

We move beyond the hypes, theories and ‘tricks’ for NEW leadership, transformation and innovation. We work with the effective, cutting-edge and transformational HOST practices, designs and strategies, that are validated across industries and cultures, and, simply work.

Making the Leadershift Happen

How do I successfully Transform?

What is the role of digital
in our L&D strategy?

How to create a culture
for lifelong learning?

Portfolio Highlights

We thrive at our very best collaborating with purpose-driven leadership professionals, training agencies and
global leadership academies to empower forward-thinking leaders, scale-ups and transforming organisations.

HOST Master Certification Training

NEW! The one-stop-shop for pioneering L&D professionals, change agencies, HR teams and global training academies.
Tap into lifetime and fresh L&D education to grow human-centered leadership, innovation and transformation on all levels
to make change work. Together, we help you scale your impact and business.

The Next-Level in Leadership Development

Leading in a Crazy World

Today’s global trends – the burnout epidemic, slinking business life-cycles and increasing globalisation – urges us to transform the way we live, work, educate and lead: for our human sanity, business survival and social responsibility.

Growing demand for agile leadership development and transformation alerts us to help leaders, teams and organisations unlock their potential and shift from a system-centered- towards a human-centered leadership approach that fosters change across the organisation, and beyond.

To grow a culture for wellbeing, purpose, inclusion, entrepreneurship, innovation and ongoing transformation to make real change work. Apply the HOST Guide and drive transformation today!

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