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Redefining consultancy to grow human-centered leadership on all levels and drive change, innovation and transformation.

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Upskill yourself to guide (host) people, businesses and societies to transform. With ease, joy and scaling impact. Join the HOST global network.

Signature programs

Future of work tools and skills to scale personal, professional and business growth working in digital environments.


Bi-weekly talks by Jessica Tangelder and leaders of transformation that inspire to reinvent ourselves, organizations and societies.


Join our online Masterclasses, HOST Demo’s, HOST trainings and Summit.

Keynotes, Spaces & Events

Transform your events or workplace into vibrant ecosystems!

The HOST2Transform Style

Consultancy 4.0

We offer leadership, business innovation, and change consultancy services to guide forward-thinking leaders, teams, and organisations transform in fast-changing, complex, and tech environments to scale people, business, and societal impact.



We grow human-centered leadership and business to create the human conditions, the mindset, behaviour, and culture, to make change work and transform into the new.


We’re 7 years young with 50 years of wisdom and hands-on experience in the fields of i.e. organisational anthropology, digital, change consultancy, behavioural science, business innovation, design thinking, and arts.

We navigate into the future of "leadership, innovation, and change consultancy" by applying contemporary research and continuous transparant feedback loops provided by the HOST board of experts and community of practitioners.

Blended L&D

We guide transformation through our contemporary, iterative, and blended learning journeys that facilitate personalised and continuous innovation on a day-to-day basis, with ease, joy, and scalable impact.

Making the LeaderShift Happen

How do I successfully transform?

What is the role of digital
in our L&D strategy?

How to create a culture
for lifelong learning?

HOST2Transform Style

Our core principles to help people, businesses, and societies
transform, lead, and thrive.



Bring clarity to turn insights into hands-on actions. Become your own "tool" for change.



Become agile and resilient to see, create, and seize opportunities in an unpredictable future.



Integrating "fundamental truths" based on the principles of science, arts, and business.



Create your own "toolkit" for change to serve your work environment best in your authentic ways.


Clarity & focus

Facilitate engagement and ongoing feedback for real-time iterations and sustainable decision-making.


Measuring results

Measure-to-scale your Return-on-Investment on people, business, and societal level.

HOST Certification

NEW! For forward-thinking (informal) leaders and L&D professionals, change agencies, HR teams and global training academies.
Tap into lifelong, modern, and blended "leadership, innovation and change" education to scale your people, business, and societal impact.

Portfolio Highlights

We thrive at our very best when collaborating with forward-thinking senior executives,
leaders, change consultants, and transforming organisations who operate
in complex, fast-changing, and digital work environments.


The international orientedbusiness and people approachis making HOST2Transform an attractive partner for all your change programs. Jessica and her colleagues from all over the globe are wonderful guides in these programs and a great source of inspiration.

Marjolein Maree

Over 20 years experience as a global management consultant, facilitator, trainer and executive coach HOST Board member.
Purpose: Transforming leadership and corporate culture.

I partner with HOST because I believe in their organic, open, and human-centered approach. HOST is a renewed concept that looks beyond the standard elements of change. With HOST you can become a true and authentic leader to help people, teams, organisation and society to transform in an agile and sustainable way. The diversity of tools, trainings, designs, insights and coaching that HOST offers makes it a tailored made and flexible program that caters for your specific needs.

Dick Rüger

Certified Executive and Leadership and Agile Coach, Transformer, Facilitator, and HOST Practitioner
and Partner.
Purpose: Transforming leadership and corporate culture

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